Holly Briley trying to spam this blog by placing link to the smear blog she/Radio set up to lie and defame a good many people on the true crime blog. I cannot help it if nobody will read the thing. This is the only logical reason she would try and post the link here. She is posting the thing all over twitter. If those people refuse to read her garbage, why should I allow her garbage here?

Holly Briley, queen of spam

It is these kinds of actions by Holly that makes it necessary that she be THOROUGHLY looked into. I am being flooded with a lot of not so good information about her and her actions. She should be aware that there is a lot on the internet that people are googleing about her.

Stay tuned



  • keesha malone says:

    Holly you need to get into some thing you might know something about like maybe the tv shows that meant something and families like to watch together

  • True story says:

    You’d think her and hubby woul be out collecting donations for the victims of Colorado, that is, after they get their cut.

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