At a recent gathering I attended while down in Bradenton, Florida, I happened to meet someone whose occupation was the editing of dialog. Somehow the subject of the text messages that have been the subject of interest of late came up in the conversation. She asked to see them and I obliged by going to the main file site where they are stored. After reading all of them she said “these are sound bytes.”

I asked her what she meant by that. Her answer? She said that the structure of the instant messages were a composite of short sentences that are similar to sound bytes that are used by the news media when reporting a story or incident.  The sound byte is used to highlight the item being reported upon. She also went on to say that the conversations supposadally between me and another person lacked “a continuity of dialog.” She went on to explain that there is a natural way a conversation takes place either by voice or text.

Rather than a regular conversation, it appeared to her to be a spliced together series of parts of conversations or “a badly written script.” Since she has 20 years plus experience as a script editor, she must know what she is talking about.

She also pointed out that the dialect of the person depicted in the text messages that are supposed to be me is wrong. We all have set ways we talk or write both on and off the internet. I have known this person for almost a decade and she knows how I both speak and write. She she knew immediately that it was not me in most of the texts and she also knew that I did not use terminology they way it was depicted in the files.

She said that one of the reasons it is hard for people to post anonymously or create sock puppet accounts on the internet is because of the habitual way they express themselves. Even when they try and impersonate someone, they almost always fall back on their old habits. She finished by saying that whoever created these files did a sloppy job. It was clearly someone who did not understand how the English language works and is someone who is incapable of convincingly impersonating anyone.

The conversation turned to the Soundboard calls and she said “These could easily have been converted into Soundboard text messages” because they are the perfect examples of sound bytes.

She said that whoever created the work is the most pathetic example of dialog editing she has ever seen.

Stay Tuned



  • Far and Away says:

    So it’s someone who is super saavy with computers. Brianne had the same thing happen to her. Holly posted a ‘so called’ text she claimed took place between herself and Brianne. Brianne knew by certain technicalities or cosmetics of the text itself, were not aligned with her provider’s.

    Your evidence is crucial and damning. Looking forward to truth…and however I may be of assistance to enable the process, please let me know!

  • Far and Away says:

    Set ways of talking or writing is ‘syntax’. That’s how I recognize a lot of posts on your site r from the same person, despite different handles. Their syntax gives them away.

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