The fake pm article by Holly as well as some of the other articles on blogs all over the internet regarding who did what to whom brings home an important lesson for all of us.

DO NOT TAKE SIDES OR JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHEN IT COMES TO ACCUSATIONS MADE OVER THE INTERNET. It is becoming all too clear that a majority of the claims being made are baseless or at the very least exaggerated.

Who is telling the truth is decided more by who your friends are and not by any facts or evidence.

One cost of taking sides in any dispute is that you will become the target of supporters of the other side. In other cases if someone has a dispute with you and see you taking sides in another dispute, they might intervene and make matters worse. This happened to me.

Some months back I got into a discussion with a woman who claimed she was being bullied. She sent me reams of material by e-mail along with a photograph. The contents of the photograph caused me to make the decision to contact the other party of the dispute. When the woman learned of this contact she became angry and accused me of turning on her which was not the case.

Recently, one of the principals in my dispute contacted the woman to cite her accusations against me. The woman did not side with her argument but rather told her she did not agree with her and did not want any more contact with her.

The result was not only did the same person contact the other party in her dispute but some rather demeaning images and articles appeared in a well known blog. The other party is now allied with that blogger and group against me.

This has taught me an important lesson. Do not try and mediate and do not get involved in on line arguments. It will wind up biting you in the ass.


Stay Tuned




  • Far and Away says:

    While I’ve been blocked from radionewz (i used to post on Holly’s site before i realized what she really is), i still found this (it’s called google cache morons).

    Its appears we’re all Brianne, except of course you, Murt. We knew their page no real followers, so they’re gonna play kindergarten style (it’s the only way they know how to roll)….

    ….and I quote

    Brianne Chantroll trolling for stardom!!

    July 27, 2012 | by RADIO | Blog, Smack | No Comments
    Brianne Chantal aka Chantard aka Chantroll has become the 4th blog reader over on Murtwitnessone’s blog!! He had 3 before, so it’s getting crowded!

    This is amazing, but she is trolling and posting there as about 7 different names!! She must be trying to make Murt think he is Grand Central Station!! LOL!

    She had about 9 here and had worked up to 15 or so over on Holly’s blog. She has been thrown off both this and Holly’s blog — but has become quite the star at Murt’s… wouldn’t you expect that!! LMAO!!


    They actually laugh at this stuff. Even if it’s true, is not comic material.

  • Far and Away says:

    PS….Holly’s page, as we know, has none. Just lil ol Holly and herself as…..all posters. It pisses her off to no end.

  • Far and Away says:

    Interesting. So RadioNewz already knows it’s the bottom feeder of all blogs.. I don’t think it takes much to out this site as nothing more than a bunch of ass clowns with too much time on their hands. It’s common knowledge Radio and Holly are troll wannabes.

    You were right all along!


  • Far and Away says:

    I have to share this and it’s probably close to, if not the truth. Holly’s her own stalker! She’s the one who sets up the so called twitter accounts she claims are Brianne’s. Same with the text messages.

    She is her own stalker. I don’t know whether to laugh at her or feel sorry….BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    • Regardless of her motives, Holly wound up proving my point that the PM’s that one blogger, Sandra Goddard insisted on spreading around for four years are fakes. She poked fun of whoever Creeper is and then wound up proving his claim for him.

      It is fairly easy to guess who Creeper is because he dripped several hints in his post, One can easily use those hints to do a little digging to see who it is that Creeper is or is pretending to be.

      I am not certain at this point if the person who is Creeper on twitter is the person he claims to be or an impersonator.. The person is not supposed to be on the internet. He faces prison time if it is found out that he is on the internet regardless of his motives.

      He found himself in his situation because he decided to do someone a favor and is now paying the price.


  • Far and Away says:

    Honesty, I don’t know Sandra Goddard. It’s funny how these minions find one another on the w w w. I mean….billions of people and they find each other.

    Like attracts like.

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