In order to draw attention away from the Holly fake PM fiasco, Radio has turned back to her bullying ways with the Photoshopped imagery and with mocking those who choose to communicate with me on Twitter.

In the process she uses the term WHORE. Considering the burr up her ass she got when I used the term Hag, I found this crude term that was applied to someone  communicating me on twitter to prove that Radio is a bit of a hypocrite. I am certain that if I were to use the word whore in any manner in regards to her or gang of thugs, I would never hear the end of  it.

I find it somewhat interesting that Radio pays so much attention to my blog. She says that my blogs up to, umm, 4 readers? Why pray tell is she so interested in this small blog and not the larger ones out there that people might even have heard of?

It is more likely it is because her blog is like the Titanic that struck the iceburg of truth and is now about to sink into the ocean of forgotten blogs and she is trying to salvage what she can.

Rather than attract readers that matter, all she will wind up doing is create a blog that will be a gathering place for haters and trolls with nothing in their empty little minds but meanness and selfishness. One good thing about this is that the fan page/ comments area will be a rouges gallery for the weak minded cyber abusers and bullies that are so wanted there by none other than the queen of cyberbullies herself with her princess as propaganda adviser.

In the mean time those of us in the REAL world will move on to blogs and forums such as for information that really matters.

Stay Tuned



  • Observer says:

    What is Radio’s fascination with Holly? She states she was against the brileys until she did her research, and found them to be innocent??? Well, Holly posted on fb that Radio apologized to her, and her husband “forgave” Radio. What a bunch of ass clowns. Maybe Radio wants to be hounded for autographs like Holly said she is! POS all of them!

    • The research that Radio did was probably to see if there was a way to gain attention by using her on the blog. This tired old trick of “forgive and forget” is a tactic she learned from Princess of Beaconhell. Sandra Goddard used to write scathing articles on her targets. If they “reformed” the articles would vanish. There are three shining examples. One is the story of Windchime where she outed a confessed pedophile and then palled up with her sister. Another is Mommies Follies where she made homophobic references against the woman’s husband and made rather crude remarks about her daughters and a rather intimate medical condition of hers. The woman reformed and joined her flock. The article vanished.

      Last and not least there is the story of Laurie Konnerth. This VIP member of Sandra’s inner circle had had enough of her bullying and exposed her wrong doings. The net result is that Sandra Goddard trashed her as well.
      And who is Laurie Konnerth? The family spokeswoman for the Duckett Family consisting of her close friend Carla M the paternal Grandmother of one Trenton Duckett who remains missing and whose case remains open.


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