Judge not harshly those who support and are friends.

Sometime back I became acquainted with a woman on twitter named @Deneale. She had claimed to be the victim of a bully and abuser and came to me to see if I could help. We have not had an entirely friendly conversation as anyone who has followed our on line interaction knows of the nature of our relationship.

At the urging of outside interlopers Deneale conducted a background check and found that I have no criminal record or negative record of any kind.

And the price she has paid for her honesty? Some of the most hate ridden and disgusting personal attacks against someone that I have ever seen.

By allowing this kind of tripe shows just what kind of evil and hate ridden person Radio and her blog truly is.

To Deneale all I can say is that I am so sorry that your interaction with me has caused you such harm.



  • anonymous says:

    Murt, I noticed that you are the only one that uses your real name. All the others hide. I still can’t figure out why you engage with these lowlifes. Radio says she can be on her blog 24/7. Don’t these people have lives or are they all on welfare with too much time on their hands?

  • I use my full name because I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. The anonymous blggers have a LOT to hide, hence the fake names.


  • Observer says:

    Murt, these people are the lowest of the low. Why do you even have communication with them? It just isn’t worth the effort. They are liars and will continue to make up untruths about you. I noticed that Radio said you solicted donations, what about Holly and her husband soliciting donations from members of their “no money for murder” page…

  • Holly is acused of “keeping” $50,000 meant for Casey Anthony in relation to the release of her video. There has never been any evidence to CLEAR holly of that accusation.


  • uracon says:

    At the urging of outside interlopers Deneale conducted a background check and found that I have no criminal record or negative record of any kind.

  • uracon says:

    Since when does a grown man write a “caretaker” letter like you wrote in the MISSING CHILD TRENTON DUCKETT case and the pretent to be innocent?

    • I have already owned up to the SIX YEAR OLD incident regarding the caretaker letter. There were several of these written by different people around that time. Mine was NOT THE FIRST and it was the OTHERS that gave me the idea in the first place.

      Innocent of what and what does pretent mean?


      • Far and Away says:

        STOP! Stop addressing them Murt. Let them post, but don’t address. Explaining yourself makes you less credible. Allowing the f reaks to post without acknowledgement proves you have nothing to hide.

        Uracon is simply trying to throw you off course. Don’t listen. Don’t feed their issue.

        GOT IT?

  • uracon says:

    Guess this clears it all up for you. You’ll be able to get a job now, right? We won’t hear about how your ability to make a living was damaged by THE INTERWEBZ. ROFL. your new BFF stated no negative record of any kind. Unlike CRIMINAL…you post that her background check shows nothing negative about you. That kind of negates the reason you haven’t been employed – doesn’t it? You stated in MANY posts that potential employers use to the internet to “vet” potential employees. GET A JOB NOW, MURTIE. You’ve just told us NOTHING IS PREVENTING THAT. Talk to us after your first paid vacation and let us know how you’re doing. Cya!!!!

    • Well, I see you are back under yet ANOTHER NAME. What is the matter, too bored over at Radio’s bully site? There is one slight problem. YOUR blog as well as others ARE STILL ON THE INTERNET. THAT is what is PREVENTING me from getting a GOOD PAYING job. One even uses the link MURTHAVEN=FLORIDA which was the name given to my house in Sorrento. ALL NEGATIVE CONTENT of that nature would have to be DELETED so that I would then be able to CLEAR my reputation. I do not see that happening so here I will be.


  • Far and Away says:

    Heifer Holly…..go back to your pasture and moooooo for the bulls. That’s about all you can atrract. Genuinely, I say this because I’ve seen you’re mug. It’s no wonder you’re playground is the internet. You have a face for radio (get it…BAAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAAAA).

    Stay off the tv, Moo Moo Meadows.

  • keesha malone says:

    Better late then never-As the little girl should of said”,if your not perfect shut the fuck up Holly,
    you really need to search your own self and then and only then if you find that perfect pin hole
    spot in your brain where ever it might be” then you can speak (BUT YOU DON’T HAVE A BRAIN
    LIKE THE SCARECROW) otherwise you would of used it correct and in a useful way All you are good for is to let animals pee and shit on you. ILL BET YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN

    • Observer says:

      Holly the Heifer should go back to the moo moo meadows, but she tried that and her mug scared off all the livestock!

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