What is RADIO’S REAL name? Where is her LOCAL contact address? My point in my article is that Radio is UNKNOWN. Also we do not know for CERTAIN if Holly owns her domain. Touche’

Well, good old Radio thought she had the goods on me when she checked the registration of one of my two domains and found that has it through a privacy company out of Jacksonville, Florida.

That is a US company WITHIN this state, not some off shore foreign outfit.

I also made a point of putting my REAL information out there because I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.  Radio seems to have a LOT to hide.


She then goes on her blog and decides to write about this GOTCHA moment. There is a slight problem Radio. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO I AM BECAUSE I PUT THAT INFORMATION OUT THERE. OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT HAVE A POINT.

The FACT of the matter is NOBODY knows for certain WHO Radio is or if she even exists.



Stay Tuned




  • heiferisaliar says:

    Radio wants to stay anonymous because she is a bully and can’t stand on her own without heifer, her scrawny, ugly husband, RadiodeJay and Leaveittobeaver! The last two being middle aged or over, dried up old woman like themselves.

  • Merry says:

    Come on. Radio would NEVER put her info out. People she knows would see what sort of person she is! Can’t have real life people knowing she’s a cyber bully! She can only operate anonymously because her family/friends would be disgusted and ashamed of her. And she knows it!

  • Radio is putting her importance above that of Holly Briley and others who have at least put their real identities out there for the world to see. What makes Radio more important than Holly? What makes Radio more special than Holly? Would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it?


  • Just Another Observer says:

    Sandra’s life’s work is being a “chronic pain” in the ass to everyone she meets (sooner or later). Lisa and Holly are spineless, sycophantic victims of Sandra who became bullies in order to get the bully off their backs. What Lisa and Holly aren’t smart enough to figure out is that Sandra is loyal to nobody but herself. She is a cannibal who would eat her own children.

    • Merry says:

      Murt, Radio isn’t important. She’s not even relevant. Let them wallow in their own slop. Sooner or later they’ll turn on each other (again), and then you can have the last laugh. If everyone would just ignore them, they’d find new targets. Only a matter of time.

      • What is interesting is the lag time between when I wrote about Domain registrations and her blog about my domain. She brought this issue up on purpose. Her blog is slow again and she needs the drama.


      • Merry says:

        Don’t give it to her. Easy as that. No rational people believe anything they say. Don’t give them any traffic. Before you know it, only the same 5 or 6 people (half of which blog there) will even know that rag exists.

    • angie says:

      No shit. They are sineless to run to the apron strings because they were so afraid. What did they really think she could do to them anyway?

  • angie says:

    what happened to the crackhead in Washington?

  • whisperer says:

    I set back and watch the comments fly back and forth. I know that I’m watching a game, a game devised to encourage readers to watch the drama, and the readers fly back and forth between the websites and twitter, ever watching for all of this to come to a head.

    Your right Murt, there is always a fall guy. Always a scapegoat ( they), oh that might be too wide spanned to say – they, lets go with -( it)! has plans on dumping the whole enchilada on. This crazy business has now been going on since the spring of 2009. Where did it start? WS? SM? BNN Forum? Art Harris? Lets go for broke here and say all of them. After all the same- it was on each one as multi-charecters. Not as many as -(it) has on twitter! Twitter was a boom, and the charecters came flying out.

    So, Murt your in the mix of helping this – (it), or after this – (it)? Its been hard to determine. You see, you claim Holly is Radio, yet you can’t determine who radio or Holly is, have you tried Radio’s twin reporter? See radio never followed the Casey case until Holly showed up. But radio’s twin did, followed all of them. And at one time was raising hell with Biaz. Go back, do your comparisons of these people. Check out how they comment and the phrases they use, in the end you will come down to only one. “There can be only one”! And if you find yourself standing right next to the ONE and only ONE, Now Murt, its one or the other you in the mix or you’ve been fooled well.

    By the way, What ever happened to Peabody? Anyone note, he disappeared last January 2012 and went poof, guess he served his purpose and was just left with his last words lingering in the air.

    And we’ve found that word-press is the way to blog without being identified. Although, it is pretty easy to contact the owner and creator of word-press. Got to read the small print people !

    Anyway, one of my favorites on word-press; and the amazing thing about it, it has a comment from “2spunky”. “And the list goes on”! “We need to let Cher sing for you”.

    Come-on Murt, we do our homework. We Looked back, for the entire year of 2011, there were only a few certain people – all of the twitter crazies went after, including radio and Levi and a few select real others. And suddenly Holly was the bad guy, now Holly is the best-est friend. When they ran out of script to hang Holly with she had to be taken into the fold, and helped blast the non existent others and now – here you are.

    We have known that Murt existed since the Haleigh case began, but when you fight with one aka Radio and Holly, and snuggle up with their best-est friend, we have to wonder. Do you need your glasses checked or are you in the mix and lost your true identity? Its like Lois Lane looking at a photo of Clark Kent and comparing it to Superman. Wondering is Clark really Superman? Like the Glasses change his appearance?

    You know, I’m really waiting for that extortion card to be played against you and the threats of marching you off to prison, so suddenly, you can become one of the best-est friends. And you’ll be posting comments on and Radionewzblog. Heck, they might just let you become the new “Peabody”.

    • Whisperer:
      Yours is the more insightful comments that has been made here. There seems to be a group of people with the purpose of nothing more than playing games and somehow got me mixed in with them. I did not create my websites with the intent to play games. I wanted to cover local cases that might be of interest to the true crime community and do so in a unique manner.

      Instead I find myself in a quest to find out who and why caused the problems that have been cast my way.

      I would much rather return to my original intent. The problem is, will I be able to? That answer will depend on the actions of others. Until then I am on the course forced upon me.

      Stay tuned


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