Quite a while back a cyber abuser over at a cyber bully blog had “a friend in the business” in the form of a so called “retired detective” who was going to investigate me and get all the dirty. The threat extended to the place of my birth Elmira, New York.

So, what has been the results of Barney’s investigation? ZILCH, SILENCE. Absolutely NOTHING has been heard from this so called detective. Not a peep. Barney did not even go through the effort of making up lies, he just clammed up and hid in the corner bemoaning his failure. What would have Barney found out if he actually DID investigate?

Well, for one thing a lot of people would be eating crow.


Stay tuned



  • keesha malone says:

    That I can remember Barney may of looked stupid -but he was a very smart man who knew what he was doing—-And Murt,you seem to be a very smart man too I don’t know if you are or ever was a cop of any kind but I think -no I know you are a smart and trusting man–KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Peurto Rican Momma says:

    Murt, has Ms Velez been bothering you lately? Let me know if I have to make a call to the Westin La Paloma. It’s nice to have friends in high places. lol

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