I was just informed that a blog article that was about a prominent Florida Atty has vanished from the internet. It seems this atty is steamed at the content of the article and has “had enough.” She is determined to sue the blog owner and make that person accountable for their actions.

When I clicked on the link in Question, the article was not there. When I went to the other sections of the blog, the article was not there. It seems when you are a lawyer, you can get things done that the rest of us cannot. 

Stay tuned



  • sad says:

    if this lawyer is who i believe it to be then it is sad that she seems to take part in all of this internet fighting between people, some lawyer that is!

    • What people do not understand is that there are civil laws that covers the sort of defamation that I and others suffer on a daily basis. The lawyer in question knows these laws and is in a position to enforce them. Unfortunately we underlings do not have her resources and thus has to suffer at the hands of someone she calls a friend.

      Some friend


  • You are being the MORON GEESH. I was talking about CIVIL not CRIMINAL. Libel and defamation are civil torts and not criminal ones, at least in this country. The fact remains that the atty in this article has the resources to put a stop to the defamation and libel against her where us ordinary folks do not since we do not have the inside knowledge to put a stop to this nonsense.


  • I am not jealous. You have certainly NOT done your homework and by your comments have shown that you follow gossip rather than the TRUTH. Let me start with the misleading comment you made about the Windshield and tires. I did NOT send out an SOS regarding either incident as you infer. I replaced BOTH out of MY FUNDS. I did not ask for ONE PENNY for either of these items. These are just two examples of the LIES being told about me.

    Next lie. I did NOT SOLICIT meal donations. These gifts were given to me by people who INSISTED on doing so. Get your facts straight

    In regards to the so called PEDO CONVERSATION. Do you know the difference between EVIDENCE AND DISCOVERY? For someone who comes in here citing legal procedures you seem ignorant on what each of these terms are and how they apply to the counterfeit chats.

    There has been an admission that the chats are a FAKE and EVIDENCE provided as to how easy it was to FAKE these chats.

    So go about your real world business and mind your own.
    Good riddance to an uninformed idiot, Do not let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


  • Strongmanmike the moron:
    It is interesting that you come in here and misinform those who might read these comments and then run away with your tail between your legs.

    Pray tell, how am I defaming the lawyer in question. I have the FACTS to back me up including e mails. There was an article about the lawyer that was written (who was unnamed by the way) that was removed from a blog that was written by someone OTHER than me.

    There are screenshots of the exact article on Radionewz.net so if mentioning this incident is defaming the lawyer, then Radio has done so as well and has gone so far as to publish the lawyer’s name and the exact nature of the charges against her.

    What I think YOU need StrongmanMike is an education in how to read and UNDERSTAND what is written.


  • Well, your real life business did not last long and you just could not keep away. If you had READ the original site, you would have your answer. The countdown was to prove a point. The point is that people will read something NOT MEANT FOR THEM and read into it what they want and not what is necessarily the truth.

    The same thing happens today. Radio and her band of bullies read EVERYTHING I post from Twitter to Facebook EVEN IF THOSE POSTS ARE OF A PERSONAL NATURE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY CASE OR BLOG DISPUTE.

    People like you and Radio simply CANNOT mind their own business and thus the lies come about. The countdown had NOTHING to do with the Trenton Duckett discussion. People decided otherwise.


  • Marion says:

    Well Holly aka Radio has started ANOTHER BLOG (time on her hoofs). An example of the foul language and if this doesn’t show Radio and Holly are one mental head case…… Y’all are being ‘hog swoggled’ to believe Radio is an anomaly. Holly’s name is plastered all over that site as the registered owner.

    Here’s more fine examples of her lady like (I can’t even say that without laughin) language:

    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

    Go the F to Sleep, bitchy stupid face

    Twatty is having trouble sleeping tonight. It’s hard to lay down your bitchy stupid face when your blood pressure is so high. We wrote her a bedtime story.

    I won’t bother linking this crap. No one reads it without lol’n anyways. She writes like she’s got something magically important to say. BUTTHURT HOG!!!!! No friends. Boo hoo.

    Radio’s twitter show’s the same language and the same syntax.

    Open your eyes peeps.

  • Marion says:

    Sorry…wrong thread.

  • observer says:

    Hey Marion, you are so right! The heifer’s mouth precedes itself….she is a vile, crude slug!

  • keesha malone says:

    Murt,isn’t a Civil Lawyer for non violent cases? Now for Holly-Radio-and a few more idots that that have their own so called blog’s start hurting your name and reputation-would that still be a Civil Lawyer or now would this be a Criminal Lawyer?

    • Keesha:
      Civil lawsuits can be filed in violent cases. The OJ case is a prime example. OJ won the CRIMINAL side of the case but lost the Civil case. He was sued for wrongful death and was found liable. The publishing rights to his book were seized as well as a good portion of his assets.

      It is getting more common for there to be damages being sought from the victims of domestic violence as well.


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