Now things are getting stranger by the minute. I am getting feedback about someone involved in a scam involving ladders.

I hope someone follows through on this one. I would love to know what the hell this is about.

Stay tuned



  • What is funny is that is the photo I used when I got the press credentials from the court for the Anthony trial. I also used it on the site where Radio STOLE it from. It also came out of my personal photobucket account.

    Her lie of ommission leaves out the fact that she has used MY IMAGE from my PERSONAL sites as well. She is stealing copyrighted material.

    She is also interceding herself into people’s personal business as well as bringing into the blog disputes innocent bystanders who have nothing to do with what is going on.


  • keesha malone says:

    WHY IS IT RADIO, HOLLY & OTHERS CAN’T USE THEIR OWN PHOTO’S????—It must be that you Murt are the most attractive and charming man in all the BLOG’S out there!!!!—Plus you must be the most knowledgeable person !!!!
    The reason I say that is because they steal your photos, tear apart what you write to make you look bad but to those of us that know you and your work —WE KNOW BETTER— and respect your reporting and KNOW THAT PAYBACK CAN BE HELL AND IT WILL COME BACK AND BITE YOU IN THE ASS
    Keep up the good work , Murt

  • Anonymously Free says:

    Murt you are doing a great job-so don’t let these ingrates get under your skin

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