Radio did it again. She posted yet ANOTHER article about me and AGAIN she left a lot of things out, as usual. 

First things first. Why is my PERSONAL life any of her business, or for that matter, anyone else who reads her blog? She decided to rail about me being on an internet date site. So what?Millions of people are.

Next, Radio LIED about why I started writing about her and her blog. The reason is simple. Rather than offer a mature opinion as to why she felt the Casey Boycotters were wrong in either their viewpoints or actions, she, instead, ridiculed them.

Now it has reached the point where Radio and her thugs are posting PERSONAL information not only about those she disagrees with but family members and anyone who associates with them.

This is flat out wrong and Radio knows it. She does not care, however. Ethics are not in her vocabulary. She is popular because she stoops to the lowest common denominator in order to garner the popularity she so desperately needs.

When confronted with sound arguments against her stance, she resorts to defamation, demeaning images, and outright lying. Her thugs go along with her because they care not for the issues but rather are in the game for the lulz.

Stay Tuned



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  • keesha malone says:

    Radio wouldn’t know the truth even if it was staring her right in the face!!!
    Why is it so important for Radio, Holly and others to hurt /reck the lives of
    the ones they disagree with? Why is it again so important for stealing to
    make themself look important?

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