Another lie of omission that Radio and her  cult leaves out of their comments and posts is just how certain counterfeit documents made it into the discovery phase of the Anthony trial.

The items in question were GIVEN to PRIVATE Detective Dominic Casey, who barged into the Anthony case early on. Mr Casey was eventually named as a material witness in the case. This meant that under Florida law he was REQUIRED to give to the court EVERYTHING he had on the case. This included the documents in question.

At no time did Mr Casey make any attempt to vet the documents to see if they were valid or not. He simply distributed them without any follow through.

What was left out of Radio’s comments and the posts of her thugs is that I went to law enforcement early on regarding these documents and that law enforcement deemed them as fakes.

What is interesting is that someone on Radio’s blog vowed to do a FOIA request to find out exactly what the story was behind the documents and any actions taken by law enforcement.

This was several months ago and alas, not a single word about any FOIA or any results.

This is typical of Radio and her crowd. They simply make things up out of thin air. If links are provided it is usually from others who have also made things up out of thin air.

Radio is nothing more than an internet blowhard.


Stay tuned



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