What the person who stole this image FAILED to mention is that it is NOT my profile image on the site in question. It is in a separate area and is among a number of photos. They did post the actual photo and whined about it for some odd reason.

Good old Radio is putting on her stupid hat once again. Now she is having a hissy fit over my ID photo. She points out some photoshop elements of the shot as to imply that I have knowledge of how to do this when I said I did not.

This is the ACTUAL profile image that would be seen when someone went to the site. The truck in the background was one that I was driving until someone called the company and threatened to burn the place down unless I was fired. I now do not have a job.

Sorry to burst Radio’s bubble, but I did NOT alter that image. SOMEONE ELSE DID.

The original photo did not show up well and was modified. This was due to me wearing a light covered shirt with a light colored background. Even the black vest is an addition since I was not wearing one in the original shot.

Since the photo was not intended to be viewed outside the website where it was STOLEN from, I do not know why she is having such a burr up her ass about it.

Now to refresh her rather poor memory she claimed this”I do not photoshop, I rely on content given by others. I have a huge vault of material that I can use.” Not an exact quote but close enough.

Radio has back peddled saying she does not have the talent or ability to photoshop or otherwise alter images or content. Who is providing that material, Radio, that blogger from Columbus, Ohio Perhaps?

Otherwise Radio has LIED about not photoshopping the material on her website demonstrating her being an EXPERT at creating counterfeit content on her website.

Stay tuned


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  • keesha malone says:

    BOY MURT, It must be so hard to be so popular that people like RADIO has to be threatened by you , and yet living thousands of miles away from eachother. FOR ONCE RADIO IS CORRECT, SHE HAS NO TALENT—–SHE ADMIT’S IT FINALLY—–ENOUGH SAID—AMEN

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