I had a rather interesting conversation a short while ago. Someone came into my chat and left this little gem:

TheAngryGiant: murt why do these old hags follow a man that wants to perform sex acts on children under the age of 5

Now right off the bat, when I got the nudge, I was reminded that this was the EXACT way I was set up for the prank regarding the hoax pm’s.

For right now I am not going to put up the conversation. There will be a time and a place for that if it becomes relevant to do so.

What is important to point out here is that when that remark was posted there was NOBODY in the room. Just me and one person who keeps her account open so that if I have to log out, the room does not close. That means that for all intents and purposes there is NOBODY in the room but me and I was not even viewing it. This laptop was closed. I was doing something else when the nudge came.

TheAngryGiant then started to have our little conversation. What WAS interesting that the “Giant” did not think I knew was that this was a superIM. This means that there were others within the chat who could come in. Either that or this person chose the superIM option even though there was nobody else participating. NO other username appeared in the chat. Anyone who knows how the Paltalk SuperIM works would understand the significance of that one.

I will be rather curious to see what direction the likely recorded conversation will take place. It will also be rather curious to know why it is that this user name was chosen to begin with. It seems a rather interesting coincidence that the name made it’s way onto Paltalk right after my article about the twitter account with the SAME NAME.

This is how these people operate. They play their little games even though I am in total defeat. My Paltalk room sites unused, even though I have paid to keep it going. My blog goes largely unread. Same holds true of my twitters.

Yet the stalkers persist. No interest in the plight of missing children. Their sole interest lies in pestering a defeated, broken and poor 60 year old widower on the verge of bankruptcy. What is up with that?

Perhaps someone out there has the answer. I certainly do not.




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