For some odd reason the goof troop made up yet another twitter account and engaged me in an “angry giant” style twitter marathon. She/they then deleted the account and supposadly took their half of the account with them. That is a rather dumb move on their part since by removing the account from twitter, they nullify any validity of the conversation.

Any claim that they make regarding the conversation is useless because they removed any proof that might have been made in any argument that they might have been able to make.

They broke “the chain of custody” so to speak. They cannot go and post the twitter conversation and say it is genuine because now the validity of the tweets cannot be varified. It is well established fact that tweets can be forged much easier than the Paltalk Private Message templates.

I am not certain what they hoped to accomplish by doing that. Perhaps they think I will remove my tweets and they can argue that point. Unfortunately for them, I have nothing to hide. My point is that it is the haters and their leader that started this drama and they can stop the drama by removing the offending blogs and other accounts and then go mind their own business.

They will not do that, however, due to the simple fact that they would then have nothing to do. They live for the drama because they have no lives to live.

Now we all can stay tuned for the next prank these no lives have planned to waste bandwidth.

Stay Tuned


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