The owners of a certain smear and bully blog have DOWNGRADED the status of their blog. Someone must be COVERING THEIR ASS on the advice of legal council.

The blog has gone from being the “truth” about me to a blog of  OPINION based on my words.

In a legal sense this is a BIG difference. By having that disclaimer on that site, they can no longer state that their comments are based on ABSOLUTE FACTS but rather on their OPINIONS based on their BIASED view of the comments.

OPINIONS are just that. They are not FACTS. This has been the truism of this and the other blogs all along. They are OPINIONS based on how they see things and not actual facts that would rise to the level of being admissible in any legal proceeding.

So, now in their own words, the owners of these blogs readily admit that the content is nothing more than an extension of their OPINIONS placed all over the internet.

FINALLY after two years they admit that.


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