I was watching a political ad narrated by Morgan Freemen when comments about his death came up in a conversation about the ad.

The problem is that Morgan Freeman is not dead.

I am not certain how this rumor started but even I was fooled by it until I came across his Facebook page where he addressed the rumor.

This story takes me back yet again to one certain blog that insists on making up stories about me and others that are simply not true. The problem is that her followers contribute to these stories by posting events and so called facts that are simply not true. For what must purely be for the purpose of driving up visitor numbers to her blog, the owner of the blog allows these comments to go through the screening process that she has full control over for all to read.

I suppose these actions by the blogger in question ┬ácan now be called “The Morgan Freeman Death Hoax Syndrome”

Stay tuned




  • whisperer says:

    I like that title, “The Morgan Freeman Death Hoax Syndrome”. Anything to gain attention! I noted on Twitter the comparison you used. I agree, I rather set back and shake my head wondering “Whats wrong with these people?”

  • Anon says:

    No one posted anything false Murt! Everything that was posted were things you have said on your blog or when you were broadcasting! The problem is you keep changing YOUR story every time the subject is brought up. Actually, you are the only person who keeps bringing it up. For 5 years now you have done nothing but post about certain people. These people have not had any contact with you in years. The only time this subject gets brought up is when YOU bring it up.
    Nothing is going to change the fact that you are the one who said those things. There are hundreds of people that were on the internet listening to you say them or they read the things you posted You cannot change history Murt just because you can’t handle the truth. Don’t you think it is time to move on and write about something else? If not, then maybe you want to be remember for saying those things.

    • ItNeverEnds says:

      maybe Radio should write about something else. For over a year now, all she writes about is the Warriors and Murt
      Now she’s claiming she’s in MN and wont be blogging much, so is using the Executioner name to write her blogs to make like she’s not there. I call BS . Its amazing how their writing style is exactly the same.
      The one good thing is that comments are closed on her blog now, so we dont have to read the mindless drivel from DeJay and Beaver

  • Anonymously Free says:

    I too was watching probably the same program a few weeks / month ago when I heard Morgan died
    but for a dead man he sounds great.
    But now that we know it was a Hoax -Why and for what reason do people lie and get others upset
    But this sure looks and sounds like a Radio joke Well Not Funny

  • […] the internet was a duality of information. Although people are free to post anything (an example is Morgan Freeman’s fake death in 2012), people are also free to fact-check anything. Fact-checking is becoming more and more important to […]

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