A comment sent to my blog cites a local tv blog as reporting that Sandra Goddard’s Prinnified blog is being sued due to false statements being made on her blog:

As some of you know, I have complained for YEARS that Sandra Goddard has a habit of making defamatory posts about me on the internet. I had also warned those on a Topix thread about this woman’s habit of defaming people on the internet. Now someone has finally had enough and has filed suit against her.

This is one case I will CERTAINLY be following.


  • Izzy Malone says:

    Well, it`s about time that bitch is made accountable. I wonder if there will be other lawsuits to follow and yes Murt please keep us posted!

  • JustSayin says:

    Maybe Murt should contact WTOV channel 9 and let them know how you were a victim of this person also. #JustSayin

  • WTOV is being contacted to let them know about Goddard’s ties to Briley and RadioNewz as well.

    • In the end, it will be the civil court that will decide who is wrong or right. It is a dangerous thing to go after minors in any situation. The jurors in a lawsuit like this will not like how the minors were attacked in the blog. I had hesitated going anywhere near this case for the specific reason that minors were involved in this case.


  • Whatever says:

    It looks like karma has caught up with Sandra. The sick and twisted bitch who has tormented Murt for years and urged him to take his own life.

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