During the twitter marathon this past evening, A person using the twitter name Usleuth  chimed in with comments about an old Topix troll named RUBY.

Nobody never really know who this character was for certain other than she was one of the most bothersome trolls on the “Oh well” threads on Topix. She soon attached herself to the area on Topix where I posted quite often.

I distinctly remember that when I was traveling from clearwater in the motorhome to the left and was posting to Topix using my Sprint wireless account, RUBY was insistent that I COULD DO NO SUCH THING. This was typical of RUBY. If I said I was doing someone (or other people as well ) RUBY would be right there saying that I could not.

Months later, when I started streaming about the case and said that I would soon be streaming from MY CAR, RUBY again chimed in saying that I could not do that. She mentioned the same incident with the motorhome.

I then started streaming FROM MY CAR and for a while, RUBY went on to pester others.

I then made the announcement that I would soon be retiring one of my live shot vans off lease and would be using

it to stream over the internet while moving. AGAIN out of the blue came good old RUBY saying that I do not own a news van and that there is NO WAY I would be able to stream over the internet. AGAIN, in NOV 2008 she was proven WRONG.

It seems that people never learn. I sometimes wonder if RUBY is one of the current trolls, using a different name, that still keeps saying that I cannot do things and they get proven just how foolish they are when I prove them wrong yet again.

There is a tv series on called CSI, Criminal Intent. It is one of a number of shows that have a group of FBI profilers flying all over the country to consult on crimes that the locals are having a problem solving.

In every single episode there is at least one of them using a LAP TOP OVER THE INTERNET while they are flying in an AIRPLANE. I seem to remember that there is at least one person that says that NOBODY CAN DO THAT.

This, in spite of several airlines offering internet access in flight. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose and the ignorance of my detractors is demonstrated day after day after day.

I wonder where RUBY will turn up next?


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