There has been a follow up story on the television outlet that broke the news that Sandra Goddard of is being sued for comments and posts on her blog

It is now reported that damages are being sought in excess of $25,ooo. Also Sandra Goddard is being ordered to hand over the identity of those who made comments on her blog.

Shawn Blake, the lawyer for the teen and his parents, released this statement to NEWS9 on Tuesday:

“The Civil Case in Defamation that was filed last week in the Court of Common Pleas of Jefferson County is a case against Alexandria Goddard and other anonymous internet bloggers on Ms. Goddard’s website. Ms. Goddard and the anonymous bloggers have published numerous false and defamatory statements against my clients. Some of the statements included a call to acts of “street justice” against my clients. We are in the process of obtaining the identification of all of the internet bloggers, who used alias screen-names on Ms. Goddard’s website, in order to hold these individuals accountable for their false and defamatory statements. My clients are seeking a Court Order against Ms. Goddard to remove the false and defamatory statements on her website, as well as, a Permanent Injunction, which will prevent future false and defamatory statements from being made. In addition, my clients are seeking monetary damages for the false and defamatory statements made by Ms. Goddard and the bloggers on her website.”


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