There is an old saying,”if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, someone is bound to take notice.”

From the latest rumor that seems to be the case. There has been some rumblings on the internet about something or someplace called Meadow Bridge. As of right now I do not have a clue as to what all the fuss is about or about who.

It has, however, seems to have gotten the attention of some new, to me anyhow, players in this game of “lets get em” that seems to be the norm among the twitter and blogger set lately.

There are the usual rumors about twitter accounts, perhaps a blog and maybe even a facebook account thrown in for good measure. I do not know  for certain about all of this, but that seems to be the pattern in these things and I have come to expect them.

If anything it will provide some entertainment besides the never ending games I play on facebook. It seems that since I have more or less been driven away from web casting to a great extent,  I have lots of time on my hands to watch someone else play the internet games as someone else becomes the target of the internet dramas that are destined to be played out.

So, the purpose of this  article is to send this little message to those who have started the twitter accounts, blogs and so on. Keep me informed of the who what when and where of this latest drama fest that seems to be on it’s way to a build up to who knows what?

I have all this free time now and a good mini series to watch just might be the ticket. If anything,  it will keep me entertained.

I will be staying tuned.


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