The WESH chat went somewhat better today. While the trolls and drama queens played their little games today, it was at a much lower level than when I first started posting at the chat. The most interesting part came when the trial recessed and the chat remained for a short while afterword. There was a bit of a conversation going on regarding how the trial of Casey Anthony was going to go as well as touching on the jury selection process. It was sort of like the old chat days where the exchange of ideas was made in a cordial manner.

I knew fairly early in the chat who it was I was talking to. I almost expected something to come of it and have it deteriorate into another troll fest. That did not happen and I was quite surprised. This is how a chat should be. The participants may not like each other but they can have a civil discussion in a public place. It would be nice if this is a sign of things to come but I have learned not to garner much hope for that.

At  least I can have comfort that for a brief moment, there were two people who may not see eye to eye who were able to talk to each other in a polite and respectful manner.

To her I give thanks for that.



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