There is a certain someone out there that thinks she is able to hide from the truth. She is running around in a panic, erasing the proof of her misdeeds. Unfortunately she has left so many bread crumbs, many records of her misdeeds remain. The clock is ticking. tick tock………..




  • Marla says:

    Yes indeedy, the clock is running. I can’t wait until the hearing, Murt. You’re going to run her right out of the Court House with her tail between her legs.

    • Well, as the saying goes, The truth shall set me free” and in this case “the truth has sent them running.” I would certainly hope that these people have seen the errors of their ways and would find more constructive things to do with their lives. There are more important things to do with one’s life other than hounding a 60 year old widower with smears and lies.
      There are still quite a few smear sites up spewing their misinformation. Time will tell if they go the way of history or remain as evidence for the court of the stalking I have had to endure for the last 3 years.


  • anonymous says:

    Scratching my head and trying to find out why “Sandra Smith” needs over 300 domain names. Just how many scamming sites are out there?

  • E says:

    I am out of the loop…………..what is going on?

    • A certain group of individuals are closing their Twitter accounts. Not sure why they have gone to that extreme but almost all of the impersonator blogs are gone. I would hope these people will find more constructive things to do, such as minding their own business.


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