On thanksgiving day 2008, I was contacted for what then was the fourth time the stalkers contacted me by personal message. This conversation WAS NEVER PUBLISHED although I have been told repeadlly that the blog where the PUBLISHED pm’s  were sent to has ALL the conversations between me and the individual on the other side of the pm’s. I was told that the owner of that blog had ALL the conversations, both the original and ALTERED conversations as early as January of 2009.

Just about all of the instant messages sent to me by Renzolovescake under this username and many others, contain posts such as the one on the left. He also claimed that his group was going to make then President elect Baraq Obama their “next target.”

Renzo and his other namesakes always sent racist texts and also were clearly anti gay. There were a number of statements of an anti gay nature against Wyatt of SOS who conducted private searches for Caylee.

This next post by Renzolovescake is quite telling of the attitude of the hackers who were stalking me. This post makes it abundantly clear that this group does not care that we all were trying to find out what happened to Caylee. This conversation took place over the thanksgiving holiday and the search for Caylee by Lenny P the bounty hunter and the volunteers he was able to organize at Blanchard park. This was the second conversation that had taken place after the severe hacking that occurred the day that Mike DeForest did the interview regarding my live truck and the streaming I was doing of the searches.
According to Renzo, nobody cares about Caylee. Apparently the blogger who, to this date, has this conversation in her archives felt that it was not important to let people know the kind of people who were stalking me and who were behind the pm’s that she did publish.

One might want to ask her why she felt it necessary NOT to publish THIS conversation.

Perhaps that blogger AGREED with Renzocake, It seems that all she and her stalkers care about are a number of questionable and obviously ALTERED pm’s and that to inform people that SHE and Renzoloves cake did not care about Caylee and obviously still do not care about Caylee since she never bothered to find out who made such as statement.

It is important to note that almost a month after this conversation took place, the remains of Caylee were found 12 miles from Blanchard Park and less than a mile from her Grandparent’s house.

Just before these messages started, I had started getting what would be nightly telephone calls by the person calling himself Renzoloves cake and they would continue each and every day from then until last evening. Every single solitary day, with the same request. Commit suicide on cam so they can get their lulz.

There was also something significant about this thanksgiving, My wife had passed away in January of 2008. This was the FIRST thanksgiving since she passed and I was, as I am today, all alone with nobody to get me through the holidays. Renzolovescake and a woman who calls herself Crystal, make it a point to call me each and every holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, News Years eve (my wife’s birthday as he always reminds me) my son’s birthday, the day he passed away, our wedding date, my birthday, and on the date each year that my wife passed away.

He always makes the same request in  each and every call. Commit suicide on webcam for the lulz.

This is another pm that the blogger did not publish and nobody bothered to give Detective Dominic Casey.

This is but a small sample of the 27 (i finally counted them all) private messages I got from Renzolovescake. Soon after this conversation, I switched over to Paltalk and after a while they started sending me the messages on Paltalk. The blogger who published the altered pm’s never went into the events of the pm’s, the people who were behind the pm’s and how the conversations started.

The blogger and her supporters never told their readers nor the rest of the internet of the many, many calls I got or how some of this group including someone called MissMissy intimidated the chatters on my blog and stalked me there as well. In my next installment I will publish some samples of how MissMissy contributed to the stalking of me and my chatters.

Stay Tuned



  • Anonymous says:

    How did a blogger get a copy of your personal message with this psycho? If psycho sent it to blogger then the blogger knows who carried on the conversation with you.

    The blogger should have alerted someone that the psycho known to the blogger was targeting the President and making cruel comments about the deaths of people. Has the blogger never felt the loss of someone dear? To publish this on a blog is cruel and insensitive. The blogger must also have been aware of the calls requesting you to commit suicide. In a way, that is an accessory to a criminal threat by withholding information.

    The blogger must have had an agenda in mind. Conspiracy? Protection? Psychopathic tendencies within self? There is more behind this than we see as of now. My office will be watching closely for updates. Thank you.

    • To add to this old comment comes new information. It is now quite likely Sandra H Goddard, the owner of the blog that published the hoax pm’s is SOLELY the person who created them. She probably had some help obtaining my acccount log in information from the administrator who had this information.

      It was then a simple matter to create a conversation between “me” and a phantom other person. When I took MY copies of the pm’s to the sheriff, THEY DID NOT MATCH the copies they had sent to them and on to The Florida State Atty office.

      Sandra H Goddard had wanted these pm’s to get Casey Anthony acquitted. As it turns out, they were not needed.


  • The blogger in question has known about my statements regarding the incidents surrounding the conversation contained in my article. She claims to know who the person is yet refuses to provide accurate information to law enforcement. The conversation I posted was seen by a number of people within a private area the blogger created. A number of sources told me that they have seen all the conversations from Renzolovescake, Kfc-Fan and many others.

    The sources have told me that the blogger and a number of others have a huge repository of exculpatory files that would have cleared the misinformation about me years ago but she refuses to allow this information released.

    The sources have told me there would be dire consequences levied upon anyone who disclosed any information of an exculpatory nature about me to the public. There is information that I have had in my possession for years similar to this that I cannot publish because the sources claim their safety and security would be at risk if she were to find out the source of any release of this information.

    It is abundantly clear that the owner of the blog in question is not out for the truth but rather out for revenge because I dared associate myself with a popular blog and forum from which she and her group were summarily banned.


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