There was once a strange little creature by the name of MissMissy. She had her own webcast over on BlogTV which consisted mainly of her rambling on for hours on end about nothing that important. She was, however, one of the first trolls to start invading my chat room and spamming it.

A hacker uses a widget that will send hundreds of lines into a chat room rendering it useless. The group called anonymous used this method quite frequently and it is interesting that MissMissy is proficient at a skill she denies knowing anything about.

She would spend hours on end coming into my room under fake usernames, making all sorts of odd accusations and causing trouble simply for the reason that she could.

At the time this video was made and sent to me, Angelinfl was still acting as if she was a supporter. This chat session occurred just after I signed onto Paltalk. The ramifications of that decision was something I would come to understand in the months ahead. At this time, however, I was under the mistaken impression that AngelinFl was honest about what she had insured me of. This was not the first time I would regret taking a woman at her word.

This was standard practice for the haters. They would demean anyone who was on my chat. This practice would eventually lead to the creation of blogs calling innocent victims “my skirts” and publishing their personal information and that of their children and grand children on the internet.

At one point a certain blogger chimes into this chat room. It is interesting to remember that this particular blogger denied having anything to do with the problems with my multimedia site and also did not know who MissMissy was.

Things get more interesting regarding Princess further on. Remember that this is NOVEMBER OF 2008!

This warning appears at the top of every chat window on It means what it says. MissMissy always ignored the terms of service of any stream service she signed on at. It is one of the reasons she no longer is operating at BlogTV, at least not  under that username.

The reason this notification is important is the circumstances of the posts that have been put up so far.

MissMissy and a group of her chatters from her webcast were in my chat spamming it and disrupting it to the point where any kind of discussion about the case of then missing Caylee Anthony was impossible.

There was a rather heated argument going on here because MissMissy was planning on making a nuisance call to me. At the time I had been getting all sorts of strange calls. These were what are well known as soundboard calls.

These calls are made after the caller downloads audio clips from the website:

This website has a repository of audio recordings of famous people such as Judge Judy, Michael Jackson, Dr. Phil and so on.

Pranksters use these audio clips to make calls to unsuspecting victims. Lemmy P, Sarah Palin and a number of talk shows have been victims of these pranks.

MissMissy denied knowing about these calls or anyone that made them.

Someone by the name of BamaRed1 blew her denial out of the water by started what would be an extended conversation about making the soundboard calls. He started posting about using Dr. Phil. There are recordings of prank calls where his voice was used.

I am now wondering if this BamaRed person is the one who made those rather disturbing calls.

Here we have the discussion of the Michael Jackson Soundboard prank call. It is interesting to note that around the time this chat session was going on there had been a call to me DEMANDING I commit suicide on cam while streaming live. There had also been AOL text messages by Renzolovescake and another piece of work known as Kfc_fan demanding the same thing.

This incident would lead to the fake suicide lies told about me by those who have stalked me since around the time the stalking of me started.

MissMissy made a call to me, whole streaming live and RECORDED the call. Florida is a two party state and what she did was AGAINST THE LAW. It was this incident that I was talking about on my stream that Princess lied about saying I was talking about HER.

MissMissy was not the only one recording the call as she was broadcasting the call into her chat, which is also against Florida law.

Florida Wiretapping Law

Florida’s wiretapping law is a “two-party consent” law. Florida makes it a crime to intercept or record a “wire, oral, or electronic communication” in Florida, unless all parties to the communication consent. See Fla. Stat. ch. 934.03.

MissMissy along with a number of other stalkers feel they are above the law as the practice of making recordings of calls to me or webcasting these calls into internet chat rooms have become commonplace for the past three years.

Now in this vary chat room we see our favorite blogger making her baseless charges against me. Now what she is accusing me of is known as wirefraud. That means that she is accusing me of the federal crime of using the internet or other means of electronic commerce to defraud people out of goods or services.

Now, her charges go back as far as 2006 and yet there is NO record of ANY investigation by ANY law enforcement agency be they local, county, state or federal.

To this day, Princess and those who go along with her continue to make these baseless statements in much the same way she has made baseless statements of a similar nature against her relatives in Illinois. Apparently old habits die hard.

Now what is interesting is that some piece of work with the user name of Screwit claims to have called the local Sheriff and reported me. Now again remember that this was in the fall of 2008. It is now near the end of March of 2011 and guess what? THERE WAS NO REPORT AND NO INVESTIGATION.

I pulled a FOIA request regarding any reports to the agency about me and there is ZILCH, NOTHING, NADA. The LCSO has been aware of MissMissy and her website for YEARS. I went to them about this site within days of it’s creation and my learning about her statements there.

This is one of a huge volume of examples I have of people like her spreading baseless rumors about me and my friends all over the internet.

It is unfortunate that many out there do not take the time to investigate the facts behind these false claims and understand that the posters are nothing more than internet bullies stalking me and others for no other reason that they can.

These people do not care about any of the missing children out there. All they care about is themselves and the attention the pranks they are involved in bring them.

More to come

Stay Tuned



  • anonymous says:

    She looks very familiar to me. First name Melissa maybe. Have to check further.

  • lara says:

    I just wanted to say how unfair this is on you Murt. As you know I questioned you about these incidents and I was put right by you and rightly so.
    I just find it hard to believe a group of “adults” behave in such a way and that it has been going on for this long.
    It makes me wonder how uninteresting their lives must be for them to constantly go out of their way to cause stress to you and your honest friends.

    Good luck to you. I hope you are well.

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