hoaxA certain blogger has claimed to have received e-mails from the Cummings family begging that other bloggers quit writing about the case. The person who is making this claim, of course, will not publicize the e-mails because the senders have requested her not to do so. OH SURE SHE DID!.

It is quite possible that the blogger in question did get the e-mails as she claimed, but it is far more likely that she did NOT. The blog in question is a spoof and satire blog that has played any number of hoaxes on her readers. Since it is a spoof blog, it stands to reason that the requests in the e-mails should not be taken seriously since there may not be any e-mails in the first place.

It seems rather odd that this issue should come up now, since the individuals who are the target of the requests have been expressing their viewpoints for as long as I can remember.

Also, considering the present circumstances surrounding the family, those both inside and OUTSIDE of jail, I rather doubt they have the time or inclination to be paying attention to a few blogs on the internet.

It would be nice to get proof from the blogger in question but it is more likely that we will get excuses instead.





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