winnerRight on top of my blog about a likely hoax regarding the Cummings letters, comes the revelation (imagine my surprise) that the Facebook Powerball winner one million dollar give away is a HOAX. I have to admit something here folks, when I first came across this on my facebook, I checked with the Powerball information center to find out who won the thing since it went from $550 million down to 40 million here in Florida, A clear indication that someone won the huge jackpot. The clown who started this HOAX certainly was NOT one of them,

I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to find out the truth. It did not take long as someone over on twitter sent me a direct message with this article within it:

Yes, Facebook users will share just about anything and I suspect there were quite a few out there that did so on the slim hope that this might not be a hoax, Unfortunately it looks like those who believe everything they see on the internet fell for the hoax as they do many others.

This should be a good lesson for everyone, When people post things on the internet they claim people said or did, including so called proof off of GOOGLE and other search engines, it is best to take these claims with a grain of salt.

Stay Tuned


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