Somehow when we think we have seen it all, something comes along to make this case yet more interesting. Now, it seems that George may well find himself in the hot seat as a possible murder suspect, by the defense. in the murder of Caylee.

Another tactic by the defense could be that George abused Casey and caused her to have Post Traumatic Stress and may have caused Casey’s lack of emotion due repeated abuse of her.

A new witness has been filed with the court, this being a woman that got into a shoving match with George in their front yard. The defense would use the testimony of this witness to show that George is abusive and also has a short temper.

There is also the idea floating around that George could take the 5th amendment causing the jurors to ponder why he is doing this and to consider that perhaps Casey may not have killed Caylee or at the vary least there are some extenuating circumstances that would lead the jury, at the least, not to consider the death penalty or even come back with a verdict other than that of first degree murder.

It seems now that this case may not be the slam dunk we all thought it would be.

Stay Tuned


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