Ok, hold on for just a darn minute. Not so fast. The genuine document pictured here seems to be a letter from, the website running to the contest seems to be real enough. The header is there, the body of the letter is the same as used in the promotion.

Anyone seeing this letter would say, well congratulations dude, and then wait to see what is next for the person who beat out thousands of others for this honor.

Not so fast, everyone for this was GASP!!!! a HOAX! The person did not win the contest. He admitted so in his blog:

Now by now everyone reading this is wondering what this has to do with little ol ME?

The answer is quite simple.


Claims of so called statements and “proof of statements” by the publishing of “pms” are in fact lies by those who likely created the hoax pms to begin with.

As I find more evidence of how easy it is to create hoax material such as this, I will post it.

Stay tuned




    I do believe that’s Michelle Mckee Twitter buddy. HEY!

    • That may be the case. What the article does, however, is point out how easy it is to manipulate internet content to say whatever it is what you want to say. You cannot trust any content on the internet anymore. It is too easy to fake anything. Even full motion multimedia can be manipulated as the article by the hoaxter points out. He was able to insert a hidden message within the video he submitted. He went into detail how he created the hoax and explained he did so to show the sponsor of the contest just how clever he is.

      The skill level to create the hoax pms is far less and the process to create the fake material is far easier. All that was needed in that case, was an administrator who was willing to turn over my account information to someone with the ability to stage the conversation when it was known that I would be off line.


      • When the hoax pms and other material began to appear, I along with some who have been helping me began to research how they were created and what methods and tools could be used in the process. It was not until quite late in the process that we looked at WHEN the conversations were reported to have taken place. As it turned out, the time frame was when I WAS NOT IN MY CHAT SITE OR LOGGED ONTO PALTALK. It then became abundantly clear that it is likely that the conversation was staged simply by someone using my account access information to open my pm and have a conversation with someone at a preset time using a script prepared in advance.

        Since the fake pms contained bits and pieces of 27 different conversations that I had with Renzo under many different names, I had mistakenly concluded that a time consuming process of cutting and pasting had been used rather than simply impersonating me. All of the twitter accounts and blogs created impersonating me, by this group leads me and others to conclude that the hoax pms were made by someone pretending to be me by accessing my paltalk with the information provided by one of my former administrators/moderators. It is not hard to guess who it was.


  • KariSueBee says:

    Murt, I experimented with this way back. I’ll show you what an unskilled person in photoshop (such as myself) can do to produce something that is FAKE. Give me a bit of time, I gotta find it somewhere and will post it on my Blog. So for me Murt, I know if I can do it (without using photoshop) then anyone such as PrincessBH et al who have countless examples of their skill in photoshop posted all over the internet, definitely can do it too. Add on top of that, with the bunch of them possessing the kind of character, let’s say “criminal” (for lack of a better word at this time, cuz I’m eating damn it) needed to pull off what they did by sending those PMS where they did (in the middle of a criminal investigation into the murder of a 2 1/2 year old little girl), I have no doubt of their direct involvement. But if wrong, I’ll apologise, but this is my personal opinion.

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