Well, yawn, here we go again. But what the hell, I will answer this question one more time.


The answer comes in two parts. The first part has to do with the counterfeit PM’S. The answer is NO. As I have stated over and over again, I did not write the PM’s. The conversation did not take place.

monoxidemmac4chanAround the time I started streaming on Paltalk, I was hit with DOZENS of UNSOLICITED PM’s from someone who claimed to be Renzolovescake, who is a famous ANONYMOUS individual who some said had a lot to do with 4chan. 

The person would leave a message, I would close out the chat and he would come back again. This happened at least 30 times. 

Around the 30th attempt at messaging me, I decided to get into a discussion with this idiot and tell him to fuck off.

The conversation was brief and to the point. I made it clear that I did not want to talk to him and I told him so in rather strong language. Since he indicated that he was a member of a certain race, in my anger I used a slur. THAT was the inappropriate comment that I was referring to in the audio recording.

Now for the second half of your question. After a while I decided to make my Paltalk chat AND my twitter account PRIVATE. Not to be deterred, there was a group of hackers who insisted that they had to have access to both my chat and to my twitter accounts.

One of them, as it turns out was none other than Joshua Wayne Melton, otherwise known as MonoxideMMAC of ANONYMOUS fame. He claimed to be real close to KfCfan, another well known Anonymous username. 

Monoxide in a series of messages, decided he wanted to be a well known pedophile who lived in Fruitland Park, Florida which is about 3 miles from where Melissa Duckett’s grandparents lived, and is also about a half hour from where Melinda Lived along with her still missing son Trenton Duckett.

In the series of messages, Monoxide in the roll of this person threatened to come to my house and blow my head off with a shotgun. He even sent me an image of who “he” was.

The hoax tweets I made were directed solely at HIM and nobody else. If anyone else saw the tweets, it was because they were STALKING the account and they had no business being there.

Now who was this supposed traveler that was mentioned in this whole affair? You might ask Sandra Goddard. She did a story on him and his WIFE a woman who went by the username of WINDCHIME. The traveler, by the way has been DEAD for over a decade.

Now the owner of the blog (GUESS WHO) who made that entry knew FULL WELL that the person who was mentioned in the tweets WAS DEAD. The fact that person OMMITTED that fact from the blog should give an indication as to how INACCURATE the entire blog is.

There is my answer take it or leave it.

Stay tuned


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