Someone who is very close to Radio stated once “She is extremely expert with computers” This same individual has also stated “When I spoke to Radio on an internet phone call “she had a deep voice.” Also stated “When **** and I arranged to meet her, she bailed saying she was ill.”



I guess it’s admission to being part of Anonymous and not leaving a trace ANYWHERE on the internet explains a lot. Is this the new website of Hobbit? One has to wonder.

I am not sure how long I will be on the internet since this expert seems intent on “taking me down.” 

If I am not around and my accounts vanish, you will know who did it.

Stay Tuned



  • ItNeverEnds says:

    Radio is always threatening to take people down, expose them, etc etc., and then nothing comes of it. She’s full of hot air

    I wonder , when she gets up in the morning, if she ever goes back to look at her timeline from the night before. She goes on these rants at least once or twice a week. She also says she’s signing off for the night, and then rants on for another hour. Lol..and she calls other people loons?

    Ive said it before…mirror, mirror, radio. From the looks of her TL, she’s not exactly coming across as a sane person.

    Gotta hand it to you, Murt. You’ve definitely gotten under her skin. She wouldn’t be this angry at you if she thought you were just an “idiot” as she likes to refer to you as. Same with the ever-angry “executioner” . Seriously, these people are so wound up. I hope they get their blood pressure checked from time to time

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