Well, The sock puppet at Radionewz has shown itself to be both ignorant and racist. This nitwit decided to put up the Urban Dictionary definition of MURT.


The problem the individual faces is that Murt is a nickname that is used by literally millions of people. In most cases it is a shortened version of a surname. One example is MURTha. 

murtcoIn my case, it is a CB handle that I started to use in the early 60’s adopting it from the name of our family farm in Elmira, New York. 

murtco2Murt is also an actual surname used, again, by quite a large number of people. I chose for my primary example, Keith Murt who is one of a number of more notable persons who have this legal surname and may not like the insult of their name as it shows up on Google searches. 

One of these folks might just decide to take the matter to court. 

Stay tuned




  • Concerned says:

    I see they have a new Twitter troll name.. @Loadstar3 your game is weak. Go call the police.

  • observer says:

    Yeah, Loadstar3 is another fake….why the hell don’t they call police if they are so sure Murt has committed a crime…maybe because of filing a false report??? Effin idiots!

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