Time to ignore the trolls. Go pound sand bullies.


As of 12:oopm eastern, the ignore button is in effect. Off to 2013 to tend to more  productive persuits.



Stay tuned




  • Anonymous Me says:

    Looks like @loadstar3 was trying to bait and set you up. Hope she includes in her police report all of her tweets to you. Noticed she ran right to her kooky friends. Guess some women just can’t help themselves.

    • There eiter will be no police report or they will laugh at her. She will have to give her IRL name if she files one. It will then be karma to her when she is arrested for filing a false police report.

      Poor things must be bored since they had to pick on little old me.


    • I had to laugh when I was sent the tweets. It is accusing me of sending a DM to it. Slight problem. I have the person BLOCKED. I also do not follow IT. That means that NEITHER party can send DM to each other.

      Try it sometime.


  • Guest says:

    Loadstar popped up on the scene a while back while Radio was targeting certain people. Loadstar immediately began following the same people Radio was targeting… Murt, Blaiss, and others.


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