drphilThe famous Dr. Phil examined the Big Red Rape case on his show today. The debate was heated, lively and widespread. As more attention is paid to this case, more questions will be asked and perhaps a solution will come out of this to prevent something like the rape from happening again.


Stay tuned



  • agranny says:

    I think Dr.Phil tip toed around the facts and the rumors.. Made me mad he was defending Michael! That tape does revealed he seen stuff ,not just made up or hearsay on his part! I don’t care if he was drunk or not ,I have seen many drunks and that boy wasnt that drunk.He seemed more High on something to me but regardless he is one sick evil man.Yes man hes 18 ! Anyone who jokes about murdered people ,especially kids is one sicko. He deserves to be outed ! If he wasnt one of the rapest ,he’s a rapest in the making.No pity or concern about Jane Doe at all.He was getting off on it all .Sicko! Dr.Phil sucked yes once again…

  • Concerned says:

    Michael was drunk and if you pay attention to what the witness is saying to him it’s clear they are very serious. I’ve seen plenty of adults well over the age of 18 do stupid and reckless things under the influence, so I’m certainly not going to call for Michael’s hanging over 10 minutes of his entire life.

    The most distasteful thing about this show was the mob’s reaction to hearing kids were hiding under their desks due to a lockdown. I don’t understand how any human being could find humor in that. At least Michael has the excuse of being inebriated to explain his behavior. These other idiots….well, they are heartless deviants.

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