noI have been sitting on the sidelines reading the various debates going on surrounding the Steubenville story and one comment caught my attention. It was along the lines of ” some rapes are gentile.” I may have the exact quote wrong but I still say HUH????

faultIn my book, rape is rape and is an act of violation AND violence regardless of the method used or the exact form of rape involved. It is anything done without consent.

Any attempt to lessen the degree of said violation to the victim of the rape is a disservice to the victim. This is an extreme invasion of one’s body that should not be tolerated.

The forthcoming trial will determine who is or is not guilty as well as the exact circumstances of the incident that led up the the charges being levied.

The defense is certain to try in some way to place at least some of the fault on the victim or accuser for whatever happened on that night. Unfortunately part of the defense strategy will be to mitigate the incident and that is wrong.


  • Concerned says:

    Nobody said it was a “gentle rape”. That was some unskilled twisting of words done by a pack of liars who couldn’t tell the truth if you paid them to do it. They will continue with their lies until the victim testifies and when she doesn’t repeat their BS they will call her a liar. They are desperate for everyone to believe their version of events because it drives their agenda. This whole line of BS started because those continuing to push their own agendas kept insisting this was a brutal rape. A “brutal” rape would more than likely require medical attention and might even cause permanent debilitating injuries and even death. It was stated this was not a brutal rape and the mob responded to that by twisting those words into “gentle rape”.

    The truth does not lessen what happened. It is the truth. Since nobody has heard from the victim it is ridiculous to assume what she is going to say.

    • TruthSayer says:

      What Concerned says is true. There were people trying to call the alleged rape a “brutal rape”. The discussion began to take it’s usual twisted turn when someone said it could not be considered brutal. The exagerations began to spin spin spin in order in an attempt to discredit this person.

      Maybe I’m wrong, Murt, but it seems like you are being lead by the tail and told what you can write on here and what you cannot. Seems to me as though you may have made a deal with the devil. After your free speech rant today it appears I may be right. Don’t sell yourself short, Murt. You have managed to hold your own for years and have done just fine. You have lost so much in the last several years, don’t let them permanently take your right to free speech too.

      • Two points here. First, I am not being told what to say by anyone. The agreement I made was not to mention certain individuals by name. I am not restricted to discussing certain SUBJECTS as the events you eluded to might indicate. One person complained that I had violated the agreement. One of the people with whom I made the agreement firmly informed her that I had not. He properly addressed the subject of her complaint stating that Twitter has a spam filter that is getting a lot of people put in “twitter jail” unnecessarily. I simply sent a dm to a number of people to inform there of one way of not getting suspended unfairly.
        I also informed my Anonymous contact that I feel that subscribers of Twitter are taking advantage of a weakness within the Twitter system to unfairly report other subscribers for spamming. I told the contact that this practice should stop.
        If people are going to make claims and statements in an open forum, then they should be prepared to defend their actions and be subject to rebuttal.
        If a person cannot defend what they say on line then they should shut up and not say anything in the first place.

        Point number two.
        I think we are getting caught up in semantics when defining the rape in this case, brutal or gentle or any other term. It was an alleged rape, period. ANY rape is a violation and a highly personal one at that. There is no need or use for defining the degree of the rape except in the courts. The FBI has recently updated their terminology in regards to what is rape, and the terminology has been broadened to include the alleged actions described in this case.
        Within a short period of time this case will be going to trial and hopefully the public will learn exactly what the state is arguing what happened as well as the defense. Perhaps then we will have a more accurate picture of exactly happened.


  • TruthSayer says:

    I am not disputing whether it was a rape or not. What Concerned and I were referring to was the use of the terminology use of “gentle rape” and where it came from.

    Only the investigators and participants know ALL of the facts of this case and I for one am not judging one way or the other whether an actual rape occured until the trial is over and the jury has spoken.

  • Concerned says:

    Murt, have you already forgotten that part of the “agreement” you made was that the shit they put up about you would be taken down? And what happened when you complied with your half of the “agreement”? NOTHING, because when you requested their compliance with the “agreement” you were summarily dismissed and told that old stuff doesn’t count. It wasn’t an agreement anyway, it’s called extortion and threats in court. They never intended to comply with any “agreement”, but we knew that already, didn’t we? I heard it said somewhere that attempting to silence someone’s free speech can bring on the Streisand effect. I hope they’re ready because it IS coming.

    • I have my own reasons for going along with that agreement. One thing that has come out of the agreement is that now people know who the REAL bullies are. Not only have they not complied, they are still bullying me and others. One blogger is even attempting to goad me back into the fray by falsely stating that my supporters have run away from me. Not so. My friends have simply decided to take their own path when it comes to dealing with the bullies.
      The bullies are gradually losing the support they first gained from the outside due to their constant personal attacks of those who have an opinion different then theirs. Also, when the outsiders get wind of their half decade record of drama mongering, they move on to more sensible sources of information regarding the rape case.
      Yes, they did get me to stop, so they think, by engaging in extortion and intimidation. That is how they work. This is not the first time they have done this. It is likely not going to be the last. One of these days they are going to pull this stunt on the wrong person and there will be hell to pay. That day, in fact, may already have come.

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