steusealI am not certain where the fault lies here, either with those who have obtained these documents or the court where the probable cause hearing was held, but in a serious case of bad judgement, the name of the Juvenile victim of this rape is now exposed for all to see adding to her suffering.

A while back, a blogger accidentally released the victim’s name when she came across a photo on a twitter site where the victim’s name was clearly shown in a caption under the photo. Once the blogger realized the error, the photo along with a couple of twitter posts were removed from her blog and twitter account.

The owner of the twitter account where the photo came from made her account private making access to the photo more difficult.

The above two incidents were honest mistakes by ordinary people who forgot how quickly information like this can spread.

For an official agency of the government to make this kind of mistake, is inexcusable to say the least. I do not know about Ohio, but in Florida, most rape victims names, be they adult or juvenile are redacted from the public record. Most certainly this is the case when this is a for cause hearing and not the actual trial.

It is too late for the court to correct their mistake. The documents are now all over the internet to further humiliate the victim of this crime. How the defense lawyers use this disclosure is also something to consider.

This error is something that needs to be looked into. A protection that should have been there for a rape victim was not there. This is only making a bad situation worse.

Someone needs to be accountable and the sooner the better.

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  • Concerned says:

    If this case had been left to the courts nobody would have been requesting copies of the hearing and nobody outside the area would know anything about it. Sites like Websleuths breed the kind of mentality that you can sit at home, analyzing something you see on the internet, and solve crimes. Nothing has come from this entire fiasco, other than a mob of attention-seeking wannabe detectives who essentially didn’t do anything other than expose this girl’s business to the world. As near as I can tell they are a bunch of voyeurs who get their jollies peeking in other people’s windows.

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