ohiosealThe arguments are about to begin from one side who wants the Steubenville rape trial to be done in the open and the other side that wants the trial to be held behind closed doors.

Not only is this an argument between the court and the press, the latter who argues their side based on first amendment grounds but from the atty for the Jane Doe as well:

On Tuesday, Robert Fitzsimmons, the attorney representing the teenage girl in the case, asked for the case to be closed because, he said, closure is the only alternative that can protect the girl from improper use of inadmissible evidence that is “either proffered, tendered to argued in open court.”

Fitzsimmons further said in his motion that “counsel and the parents request their right to hear the testimony which involves the parents’ daughter sand counsel’s client. Jane Doe is not requesting to be present throughout the proceedings.

This is a tough one. Similar arguments in Florida have been on the side of free speech. This state has a unique public records law that other states do not have. Ohio is one state where this could go either way. Time will tell.

Stay Tuned



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