phoenixsealSome people simply do not understand that no means no and not maybe. I have told (S)trolling that I do not care what name she keeps changing to, she is not allowed to comment on this blog but she keeps trying anyway.

You need to try and find something constructive with your time other than wasting mine by trying to post on here. It is simply not going to happen. Since you seem to be a charter member of the KKK, you might want to attend more of their meetings since that is the kind of people you attract.

You keep trying to spin the same old fiction over and over again. The simple fact of the matter is that I did NOT make the posts you eluded to. If you had done your homework, you would have seen that misinformation was cleared up YEARS ago.

I forgot, your goal with me is not the TRUTH, but is actually retaliation for being thrown off my chat site for unethical conduct. I suggest that you go away, tend to your family and quit making a fool of yourself. ALL of your posts to my blog are archived. If you keep this up it might be YOU that gets hit with a cease and desist this order time around and I will publish it with ALL of the PUBLIC information  here.


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  • Concerned says:

    Is (S)trolling off their meds again? I hear the market is getting stiff for doctor shopping. May need to cut back!

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