foxhttp://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news%2Flocal&id=8964157Some may question why I have become involved with Anonymous in the light of recent experiences I have had with them. The answer is quite simple. First, not all Anonymous are the same. They are people just like us, who care about what they take on as their causes, or OPS as they call them.

The recent twitter traffic regarding a 30 something male trying to seduce a 14 year old girl on line got my attention because of the number of such incidents were on the increase.

hwmissingAfter publishing my article, I started getting more alerts about girls missing under similar circumstances. This case, that I just became aware of is the one reason EVERYONE needs to get involved in finding out who it is that is chasing after teenagers on the internet. We must prevent the kind of pain this family must be going through:

Nixon says Tuesday afternoon Haylie left her house with West, a former neighbor she is romantically involved with who has his own daughters around Haylie’s age.

Haylie’s father Jimmy White said, “To be honest with you, she was involved with him behind my back. I just neglected to see it. Now that I see it, she needs help. Both of them need help.”

Much to Nixon’s dismay, the two climbed into West’s 2005 silver GMC Envoy and took off with no idea where they’d end up.

“I tried to pull her leg to get her out of the truck, but she wouldn’t get out,” Nixon said. “She just kind of laughed at me.”

In this case, it was a trusted neighbor, a 33 year old with kids of his own who took this girl from her loving family. This is a stunning coincidence regarding the predator Anonymous is trying to locate. This shows what may happen if that man is not found.

Stay tuned



  • Concerned says:

    Where are you getting these images Murt? I think it’s asking for trouble to post photos of individuals who have NOT been identified by police. This can get you in hot water.

    • The information I used to write about this person came from those he had been contacting. I also made it clear that it was others who had published the information. It is they who are giving the warnings and have also done their own research. In both cases these were individuals who were known within their community and both individuals had also were alleged to have given their victims enough information to verify who these people were.
      I also understand that law enforcement would be contacted with the proper information and that it would be law enforcement that would decide to prosecute or not.
      Remember that I have also been cited by individuals in the same manner. When I saw that the claims about me were being made, I approached law enforcement on my own to inform them of my innocence regarding the claims and worked with them to satisfy any concerns they had.

      Furthermore, when I saw the messages that had been exchanged between the adult male and a 14 year old, I came concerned and decided to write about what the Anonymous members were doing. Again, The actions were thoroughly documented. Unlike the PM’s used against me, ALL parties were thoroughly identified and the alleged victim was also contacted and her claims thoroughly looked into. The photo came from the victims in both cases.


      • Concerned says:

        Murt, I understand that this is a legitimate case for LAW ENFORCEMENT to be handling. What I am saying is you are not law enforcement and neither are the “Anonymous” people who think they are investigating a case. This should have been turned over to LAW ENFORCEMENT so a proper investigation could be done and charges brought. How do you know the guy didn’t upload someone else’s picture?

        • There is, in fact, a second outing of an alleged stalker by Anonymous where someone has claimed that the stalker uploaded the photo of another Anonymous member to the site where the alleged solicitations occurred. This was then followed by the stalker in the first incident claiming the same thing.
          When I spoke to the agencies in the area where the 14 year old victim lived, I brought this to their attention. I also forwarded to them links to my blog as well as the blog where the allegations originated. Since they are monitoring the blogs, they would be aware of the disputes of the allegations by the persons named as well.


      • Annoyed says:

        Yeah, I am going to have to agree with Concerned. First of all the guy is Anonymous, chances are he ripped off that picture from someone else. Second, it’s one thing for a bunch of Anonymous people to start a witch hunt over this, but you sir are in the public eye. You do realize you can be sued for libel if this picture turns out to be someone else? You’re playing with fire, and I hope you don’t get burned.

        P.S. I read the little girls blog, and while I think it’s sick he was flirting with a 14 year old. It isn’t pedophilia, and technically what he did wasn’t against the law (people flirt every day), feds and cops are going to laugh at you if you bring this to their attention. Sure it could have lead to that, but we’ll never know now will we?

        What I want to know is where the fuck are her parents? She’s 13 and shouldn’t be talking to a male over eighteen the way she was. But this is just my two cents, take ’em for what it’s worth.

        • All I am doing is reporting on a story that was done by Anonymous. Under the law as long as I report that the source is that of anonymous and not me, I am not making the accusation. This has been the excuse used by others when posting material about me that is completely false.
          As it is, the efforts by Anonymous seems to be going nowhere.


  • Annoyed says:

    You can try to justify all you want, MURT, but if that picture turns out to be some poor schmuck that got his “identity” stolen you’re in for a world of hurt. You won’t be able to justify the lawsuit, defamation of character is a serious business, especially in the Information Age.

    Good luck.

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