peopleFor some time now, various groups have felt the need to start up what is known as a “We The People” petition. This program, established by the Obama administration seems to have given people the mistaken impression that if they got enough signatures thatĀ  they would get a law passed in conjunction to whatever the petition was about.

Well, they have gotten the wrong impression as to what this program is about. A good understanding of the program is this article from NPR:

At most, in the case of major issues such as gun control and puppy mills, there has been some success as far as getting attention from the government. That attention, however, has been brief and has had little impact other thanĀ  an answer of “we will look into it.”

Getting a bill through congress is a long and arduous process. Even then, the bill may be challenged in the courts on constitutional grounds. In a lot of cases the authors of these petitions do not take the time to consider if their petitions meet constitutional muster. Some of these petitions concern areas where they would be summarily rejected on constitutional grounds of free speech and another provision of the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. In short the right to earn a living through any legal means.

Another problem these petitioners face is getting the required number of signatures for the things to go anywhere. Very few of the tens of thousands of petitions ever get the required signatures to even get their foot in the door.

In the end, these petitions do little more than offer an avenue for people to vent. Most of the time the petitions are started by attention starved bloggers seeking an agenda that will spur readership of their blogs.

In the end, what these petition drives have become is another toy, for a certain type of blogger and their followers to play with. Soon everyone will tire of the toy and it will be another trendy fad that fades away.

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  • Concerned says:

    The attention starved will continue to spew new petitions and the petitions will continue to waste space on the internet. While the POTUS did implement a petition process to be heard, it does no good to petition the POTUS to address issues that are handled at the state level. You would have to have some brain capacity to understand that though, so the mindless will continue to push petitions on police matters where no evidence exists taking up even more space on the internet. Maybe we should start a petition to take down all the petition sites permanently. LOL

  • observer says:

    The anons made a big mistake when they took THEIR side over you…the freaks really pulled one over on the anons…

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