A post on Radionewz.net caught my interest mainly because someone broke a promise. The account holder had what is known as a protected account. That means that in order to view the content of that account and communicate with that person, you have to be INVITED. This falls under an understanding of “what is said on this account STAYS on this account and is not to be sent to OUTSIDERS.” The legal definition is : A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY. It means that there is a degree of TRUST given to the individual who was invited into the account. In some cases, the release of a post of that nature,  is a violation of telecommunications law.


By someone taking that screenshot and sending it to Radio, it demonstrates that the person CANNOT be trusted. That person has NO integrity. Radio, for some reason DID NOT SHOW WHO IT WAS that took that screenshot. Why? Because RADIO wanted the SPY to report on things that person clearly was NOT INTENDED for people OUTSIDE the protected account to view.

I remember a recent tirade by Radio because someone posted screenshots of a blog Alexandra Goddard had a PRIVATE blog where she made it abundantly clear she did not want the information out. The obvious reason is that she did not want her STALKING in public. Radio declared that the person who provided that information should be arrested for violating the agreement with Goddard. When it was found out that Holly was linking the actual source to her own blog, Radio suddenly went silent.

Now that someone has done the same thing to this person’s account, Radio ignores this obvious breech of trust and made a joke out of it. The account holder had no choice but to purge her account and then reestablish it with people SHE CAN TRUST.

What Radio needs to wonder is, just how trustworthy is the person who made public PRIVATE content? Could that same person violate the trust of someone else should that person feel the need to do so? It has happened before and can you guess by whom?

Stay tuned



  • um says:

    u do know “Nikki” is holly right???? Playing u all for fools and using the posts as ammo against the rest of u

    • A rather interesting accusation. Now how about a bit of proof. It is one thing to make accusations but quite another to prove these accusations. If you are going to make this kind of an accusation, you might want to back it up with the facts. This would certainly prove that Holly Briley is a FRAUD and is not only fooling those of us against Radio, but Radio herself. Now that would really be something.

      I wonder just how much Radio trusts Holly or How much Michelle L McKee trusts Holly or even Sandra Goddard trusts Holly? That would really be a hoot.

    • Guest says:

      Nikki isn’t Holly.

  • observer says:

    Nikki is my friend, and I am behind her 1000%! I don’t know any of the people these freaks claim she is, but I know Nikki personally, and she is not holly, Melissa, or any othe the others, FGS!

  • Wake UP Bullies says:

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET A LIFE!…. Other than being self proclaimed “Anti-Bully.” You’re the worst kind of bully there is. BIG FAT BULLIES who think they’re not. Three “wrongs” don’t make a “right.” Didnt your alien leaders teach you that before they sent you here?


    And by the way “Nikki” or whatever your name is… Why didn’t you post my comments about my mother being a rape victim and not realizing it until she had children? Why? Maybe because it debunked your perceived right to call rape victims liars?

    POST IT! I DARE YOU! You won’t though right? There’s something seriously wrong with calling someone a liar who IS a victim. I don’t give a shit about what other blogs do. It doesn’t give anyone (YOU) the right to attack another rape victim to make you feel vindicated. I spoke from the heart about my mother’s struggles and yet you didn’t post it. That’s very telling woman! NOW it’s PERSONAL for me. Have you been RAPED “Nikki?” Was your mother RAPED “Nikki?” Was your child RAPED “Nikki?” If your answers to those questions are “NO,” then you have NO RIGHTS to blog about RAPE!

    Like I posted on your blog, (that you didn’t “approve”) you and your readers need to sit in on a group therapy session involving “victims” of RAPE. Or work the RAPE hotline once and actually SEE and HEAR what a RAPE victim goes through.

    If you post FACT and not gossip and speculation then you really have nothing to worry about do you? It seems to me that big bombshell lie blog doesn’t want to disengage. Lives off the drama.

    To this blog owner:

    I would really appreciate you posting my comment. Thank You.

    • First of all I am sorry that your mother went through the violation of being raped. As a male I have no idea what a woman goes through when such a personal thing happens to them. I certainly hope the person who did that to her has been caught and punished. As far as what happened at the other blog. The owner and administrator of any blog has the right to field comments for whatever reason they choose. I do not publish every comment that comes in here. I am not overly restrictive as to what I will post, but those I deem abusive do not make the cut.

      Before you come to the conclusion that the other blogger rejected your comment, do remember that not all bloggers access their comment sections quickly. In my case, there are comments I may not see for several days because of things I am doing at the time. I do not know the other blogger’s routine so I cannot speak to their reasons for not approving your comment. I suggest recontacting the blogger to have her explain her reasons for not posting your comment.


  • Wake UP says:

    Thank you Murt. Yes the perp was indeed caught but not prosecuted. He was my grandfather. My mother’s own father. It wasn’t until she had her own children, like 30 something years later, that the memories came flooding back in a HUGE way.

    My grandfather died shortly there after but he KNEW that she knew. My mother had huge intimacy issues. She married my father who was abusive. She became an alcohol ic. She had ZERO self esteem.

    Because of her issues I and my four siblings have little or no coping skills. Like I had tried to post on the other blog… My mother DREADED going to her therapist to talk about her abuse. DREADED IT! She could openly talk in front of other rape victims and at rape rallies. But she dreaded her therapy appointments. Why? Because she wanted to talk about her rape and pain when SHE wanted too. Going to a therapy session forced her to talk whether she felt like it or not.

    The reason I had posted that part on he other blog was because I was reading how they doubted another alleged rape victim because she/he could talk in front of large groups but yet was nervous or dreaded their therapy appointments. Here’s the thing though. I GET IT! I watched my mother go through it. So no one can second guess how a rape victim acts.

    My childhood sucked because of my mother’s problems. My father negated everything she went through. So basically both my parents were so wrapped up in their own problems that they left five children to fend for themselves. Hence; no coping skills.

    When my father died at age 53 he left five children and a wife with no money. Not even enough to bury him. So rape had a profound affect on me. I take it very personal when someone verbally, or otherwise, attacks a rape victim. A rape doesn’t just effect the victim. It effects generations. I’m proof of that.

    It’s a long story and its not pretty.

    As far as the other blog not allowing my comments, she just addressed that. So I’m fine with it.

    Thanks again.

    • You are quite welcome. The subject of rape is one of the toughest to deal with on the blog as well as in public. There are many variables that come into play. The part where the woman had her rape claim questioned by the other blogger as well as myself is based on my history with the woman that goes back at least 5 years. The history does not have anything to do with the issue of rape but does touch on the issue of honesty.

      She likely has been the victim of rape and I am conceding that she has, in fact, been a victim of rape. That may explain some of her actions.

      Getting back to you. It has to be even tougher for your family considering that it was a grandparent who was the rapist. His justice will come in the hereafter if you believe in that way. I do hope that there has been some healing that has taken place within your family. I feel that what is most important for a rape victim to deal with their trauma is the support and understand they get from their loved ones.

      While it is good to have peer support from other survivors and an understanding public, a good network of loved ones and close friends is always the best way to deal with this.

      I send to you and your family my prayers and my sincere hope that you all do well in spite of this pain.


  • Wake UP says:

    Murt, that is perfectly fine with me. I appreciate your understanding and hopefully others will “get it.” Rape doesn’t just effect the rape victim. The damage to the victim effects their friends and families too. Although I, personally, wasn’t sexually abused my mother’s abuse left me “damaged.” Me being damaged has affected my children and my grandchildren.

    I’ve been in therapy for years because I “lost” my childhood. Being a child wasn’t fun for me. My siblings and I pretty much took care of my mother. She was a train wreck because of her sexual abuse therefore making us little caboose train wrecks. All of that has carried on into our adult relationships. We have the emotional IQs of those young kids that were never nurtured.

    It’s hard to nurture and show love when you didn’t even know if your messed up parents even loved you. Some parents don’t express their love verbally but they show it through their actions. Well when you have a severely damaged mother who was a rape victim. And a father who didn’t care, a child doesn’t develop their own sense of self. The child doesn’t think others even like them. It’s because the child (me) doesn’t like themself. I mean, think about it. If your parents have never told you they loved you, nor shown you through actions that they love you, why would you love yourself.

    So bottom line her, I guess, is rape is so damaging and far reaching that people don’t understand. Rape leaves many in its ugly wake.

    You blogging my comment is more than A-OK! It’s awesome. I thank you and pray it helps other children of damaged children due to rape.

    On a happier note, when my mother lay dying she thanked all five of us children and actually told us, “I love you.” She was a great lady. She did the best she could under the circumstances.

    Again, thank you. I’m going to post this under the blog post of my comment. Hate to thnk of anyone slamming you for taking advantage of me. You’re not.

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