nobullyNot too long ago I suffered dearly because I posted a photo of a woman speaking at a public Rally having to do with her being the victim of rape. The photo was sent to me and I posted it on my twitter photos along with other photos of the rally without comment. Shortly thereafter a firestorm erupted with Anonymous demanding that the photo be removed. The reason that was stated is that the woman was in danger because the rapist that victimized her might see the photo and go after her again.

After being pressured with being doxed and subsequently being doxed, I removed the photo. Imagine my surprise when I visited this blog to see not only the photo being prominently displayed but the person in the photo commenting on the blog.

The person did not demand the photo be taken down. I found this a bit of a surprise since the blog in question is far larger than mine and is well known.

I do not know what to make of this but I am sure the excuses will flow like the Ohio river during a spring flood.

Stay tuned


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