Michelle L McKee in her sick obsession with me has again wished me dead. She did so twice. This woman has accused me of the MURDER of Trenton Duckett. She even went as far as to implicate the BEST FRIEND of the GRANDMOTHER of Trenton Duckett as being involved ALONG WITH ME in somehow causing Trenton Duckett to either be KILLED or otherwise become missing. mlm6

mlm7mlm5Now what sparked this latest outrage from this demented woman? It was because of her OWN statement that it is cowardly for people to have LOCKED Twitter accounts while talking about someone.

These are MICHELLE L MCKEE’S words NOT MINE. I did not put those words out there, SHE DID.  I am not the one doing the harassment. That person is Michelle L McKEE and those gullible people who cannot or will not see that it is her sick obsession with me that is going on here. I have never met this woman, I do not know this woman and I do not WANT to know this woman. Michelle L McKEE STARTED all of this by STALKING me YEARS ago. Michelle L McKee ADMITTED in a Facebook page SHE CREATED that she had been in contact with the Leesburg Florida Police Department since 2006 when she contacted a now RETIRED detective assigned to the case of Trenton Duckett about me AND a woman by the name of Michelle Deveraux.

Michelle L McKee has called law enforcement time and again demanding that I be investigated for the MURDER of Trenton Duckett. She is now even trying to involve Anonymous to get involved in trying to implicate me in some matter regarding the fate of Trenton Duckett. This is not a lie, it is FACT. It is in her Twitter Log as recent as TWO HOURS AGO.

I do not hate this woman, I pity her. I do not wish death upon her. What I do wish is that someone in her family structure do SOMETHING to get this woman help before it is too late. Her continuous obsessions with violence and death is a clear indication that she is going down a path that may have dire consequences if her actions are not curtailed.

Stay tuned


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