I think a few people who might read this might remember the flack I got when arguing with M2KFLA over the close impersonation of my other twitter account M2KFL and the screwball excuses she used for using the above username.

My troubles had to do with the fact that I knew for certain that M2KFLA was lying about who she was and the reason for the use of that username. I then felt that if M2KFLA was lying about that she must be lying about why she attacked me to begin with.

Well, I got my ass kicked for that one. Anonymous also got involved and to this day people are trying to access my checking account due to the Doxing directed at me by members of that cyber terrorist group.

Then, along comes Holly Briley stating that she doubts that someone has a mental illness because she believes that person is lying about other things. hbt2

So far, there has been little backlash from her saying that and Anonymous is nowhere in sight. I guess #mentalillnessverification is not the same as #rapeverification, so she is allowed to get away with what she has been saying.

On the other hand it is probably due to the fact that she is a member in good standing of a certain group so she can say anything she wants and suffer no consequences for doing so.

That is called being hypocritical and proves a point along these lines I made a while back.

It does not matter what is said. It only matters WHO said it.

Stay tuned




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