An explosion is the rapid dissipation of energy. One cause is volatility. Around this time in April of 2005 while having my usual weekend dinner at the Golden Corral in Leesburg, Florida, almost within sight of the apartment where a 911 telephone call would originate that would change the lives of many people forever.

A young couple, Melinda and Josh Duckett were in the midst of a series of squabbles centering around their son Trenton Duckett.

In early April of 2005 accusations were made to the Florida Department of Families that Melinda threatened to harm Trenton who had been used as a pawn in the relationship.

Also unknown to me at that time was that a series of events had come to a temporary end that would, in the years to come, have a direct influence on the case of Trenton Duckett in ways that nobody could ever imagine. In the second part of this article I will explain how unrelated events originating in the state of California would intersect with the events surrounding the case of Trenton Duckett missing and how these events may have prevented finding the answer as to what happened to this child.

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  • Maytrughprevail:
    I do support everyone having the right to their own opinion. As in the past, however, I have to disagree with your assessment. I am not sure if you got to meet the woman who was running around your area for the early part of the year, but she is aware of your theories and does not seem to support them.

    I think you are skating on thin ice in regards to liability with what you have stated regarding the paternal Ducketts. There is, unfortunatly, strong evidence that it was Melinda alone that had to do with Trenton being missing. It would be nice to think he may still be alive but with each day that goes by, it seems less likely. The series I am writing about “The California Connection” deals with some misguided individuals who barged into the Duckett case and nearly sidetracked the efforts to find him with their foolishness.


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