A couple of hours ago I got yet another call from Renzolovescake. He is the purported owner/creator of and one of the major players in the hacking and other pranks played against me over the past three years.

In his usual rather unique style, he offered his apology for all he has done over the past several years. in the process he named names and stated what it is he accuses them of doing.

Now it is he making these direct accusations and not me. So if any of the biddies read this blog and do not like what is said here, talk to him. Some of you even have his number, so he says.

Reno says that the whole thing was the idea of Angelinfl along with Princessbh of MichelleLMckee was also named as coming forward with her so called information which is what got Princess started in the first place.

Renzo claims that Princess is a current and past member of 4chan as well as other hacking websites. He claims she has a long history of hacking and stalking those she does not like.

Renzo claims it is NOT UKMOD that got into my websites and caused the problems but was given the information by BOTH NANANC and MOMMIESDOLLIES who turned over my account information for Paltalk as well as my chatroom password. This is how the fake pm’s were created.

He admitted several times during the call that the PM’s were FAKE, and totally made up.

Renzo has accused someone called Blue KY or something like that of pretending to be my niece and calling the Lake County Sheriff’s department and saying that I had threatened violence and was going to commit suicide.

Renzo accused Monoxidemmac of being the person who sent me a death threat by AOL messenger and who impersonated the former brother in law of Tinker bell to threaten me and demanded I meet him face to face. The address he gave me was the trailer where Tink’s sister used to live and the crime she confessed to was supposed to happen.

Renzo also accused NANANC and TINK of being the ones who called my brother. He claimed to help them with the call.

Renzo made quite a number of accusations against Michelle L McKee and stated the reason she came after me. It had nothing to do with my involvement with the Trenton Duckett case. It was a reason similar to why she went after Pat Brown. Nothing to do with her qualifications but some other reason entirely.

Renzo had quite a lot to say about Ms. McKee. He gave me a lot of unsolicited information and promised a lot more. It seems that he and Michelle has had some kind of falling out. It is the first time he has shown any kind of anger toward anyone.

Renzo, did not offer me any concrete proof……yet. I did tell him that all of this is useless to me without absolute proof in the form of recordings, blogs, e-mails and so on.

He and Crystal (a female member of this little skype chat) said there is a “silver lining” coming soon. I am not sure what to make of that although in the past I feel that flash memory cards and other content sent to me were from him.

So that is the log of tonights call for everyone’s digestion. Believe or do not believe, it is your choice.

Do know this. I know the truth and so do the others both mentioned here and not (there were others mentioned but I will deal with that information in a different way) mentioned here. They will know that I now know who they are and what they did. If recordings of calls are sent, they will be put on the internet. IF I get posts, they will get published. If I get the truth, everyone will see it.

Stay Tuned



  • douche says:

    Wait wait.. Renzo said none of the above, i happen to know Renzo and have him on my skype list to this very day. This phone call never happened. And i would like to extend a question. William, did you or did you not audibly (in your chat room with many listening) admit to writing those private messages and apologized for the “bad taste” in which you spoke? I for one happened to be listening to you say these words through the widget that you had not yet shut down on paltalk. You repeatedly admitted to writing these private messages over and over, even on your other blog which those admissions are still on googlecache and screenshots are all over the internet, as well as recordings of your confession in your own room. The only thing you said while admitting to your part is “why is the other party not coming forward? I did, why aren’t they being lynched”
    This is all lies and the actual Renzo had nothing to do with a phone call, or skype call, or any heart to heart with William Murtaugh.

    • YAWN!! Judging from the e mail address you used, it is not hard to guess who this is. What I DID say in my chat room is that I said “things that I probably should not have.” I WAS NOT SPECIFIC about what was said nor in what vein. You also FORGET that the publication was of a PRIVATE conversation. Do you need to be reminded of the RAGE Princess went into when someone exposed the PRIVATE BLOG POSTS that were made by HER. You cannot have it both ways. If PRIVATE material is NOT TO BE PUBLISHED that includes material purported to be from ME as well as from PRINCESS. Since PRINCESS HAS NOT OBJECTION about PRIVATE messages being published then she has NO ARGUMENT about any PRIVATE blog message or e-mail being published.

      Also be reminded that ALL law enforcement agencies that have looked at both the ORIGINAL untampered messages and the ones sent by Dominic the Dunce, they concluded that there was NO CRIME COMMITTED! I am NOT under investigation by ANY law enforcement agency. Princess also does NOT seem to care about the FALSE police reports made to the Lake County Sheriff’s department that tied up several deputies costing TAXPAYERS wasted funds while also drawing them AWAY from an active call regarding a robbery.

      IF Princess is so proud of all that has been done to me, then why has she ERASED the bulk of her postings and put the rest in HIDDEN areas? Why is her minions HIDING THEIR IRL NAMES and PREVENTING the TRUTH of their actions from being exposed? The answer is because THEY KNOW THEY HAVE DONE WRONG.

      Also, PRINCESS PRAISED 4chan and RENZO on her blog. PRINCESS has also stated again and again that it was MONOXIDEMMAC (which Renzo denies by the way) who created the FAKE pm’s. If that is so, then Princess supports and refuses to report to law enforcement the DISTRIBUTER OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. It was his act of posting a link to child porn on LP’s ustream chat that caused the mass defection from his forum and several blogs about his abuse of his female followers. Princess befriended someone who thinks domestic violence is a joke and who also is accused of having an incestual relationship with his MOTHER. There is even a photograph of him having a rather intimate “make out” session with her on the blogs.

      Her and Michelle McKee’s blogs about me are not about any truth. They are “paybacks” against me for befriending Websleuths with whom Princess has had a gripe with after getting her ass kicked off of there.
      Again, it is Renzo who made the Skype call. The number displayed on my caller id was from Backersfield Main Da, California. Since this may be a number clone, I am not going to publish the number here. Now DOUCHE which is clearly an accurate name for YOU, Ms TARDBAL, I would be more concerned about the actions of Renzo than of any of mine. Judging from what I have read about him, he has far more resources than I and is capable of much more than I would even dream capable of. Google his username and see for yourself.


  • douche says:

    You have not addressed the lie you told writing this blog. Renzo did not call you, i could always have him come here and post that himself. Why would you fabricate such an intricate story? Why don’t you log on skype in a few hours William, and we can have a 3 way recorded conversation with Renzo so that he can tell you himself that he never called nor has he ever actually spoken to you in any way other than through a prank call in which he was a party to. You up for it?
    I said nothing about Princess in my comment, she’s got nothing to do with this. You can’t have it both ways William, you cannot admit to having written “part” of the private messages and what?? You were hacked half way through the conversation and didn’t type the rest? You did tell all of your room attendants that you said things in that conversation you shouldn’t have, and you just admitted it again. They are not falsified private messages, no one wrote them but you and you have repeatedly admitted to this fact. If you want to continue to lie about it and push blame on some imaginary person you still have failed to name the chat room video, and audio will be posted somewhere, streamed live in every paltalk room possible, and your nic given out in reference to the private messages which will also be featured on video. There is a beautiful program called Capture Fox that has been used since your room opened. It just took people coming out of hibernation to get the archives and one of those people is Renzo. Think twice before you claim a heart to heart with the person that watched your room, recorded video with others, and audio. There are at least 3 different video/audio compilations out. This has nothing to do with Princess or any of her people. She and Renzo do not, and have not ever worked as a team. They actually despise each other.

  • Douche:
    RENZO DID CALL, unless there is someone impersonating HIM! He is free to do what he wants. He had better hurry up because according to the call, he is about to be deployed to the middle east. He claims to be in the Army. I find that comical.

    My SKYPE is on 24/7 yet he chooses to call on my cell.

    Your reading skills also need work. I have said time and again that the PUBLISHED PM’s that were sent to a PRIVATE DETECTIVE were TAMPERED WITH and were an assembly of many different conversations. What YOU and your gang REFUSE to do is to go into the HOW and WHY the alleged conversations took place in the first place.

    I did NOT go around LOOKING to have THAT KIND of conversation with ANYONE. I was STALKED and TROLLED for WEEKS by someone who kept sending me PRIVATE MESSAGES which I TURNED DOWN AND BLOCKED THE NAME. The person would come back as SOMEONE ELSE. This got to the point where I was unable to chat in my room because so many of these message notices would pop up that I could not even see the chat screen.


    Hmm, Capture Fox. Interesting. Proof of your groups STALKING. Why would anyone want to do a capture fox of a 60 year old widowed and broke truck driver?


    It is rather odd how you seem to be interested in a PRIVATE CONVERSATION that NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN THE FIRST PLACE and not this crime that put the lives of the citizens in peril and WILL SEND THAT WOMAN TO JAIL if the Lake County Sheriff ever finds out who she is.

    How would we even know it is the real Renzo anyway? With all the massive impersonations going on out there, how do we know who is who? I do find it curious that you even pay attention to this blog. I wonder why that is. Doing something like LIVING A REAL OFF LINE life too DIFFICULT for you?

    Princess has already put the video out there. This brings up another interesting fact. PRINCESS IS THE ONLY PERSON, ALONG WITH THE DEMENTED MEMBERS OF HER GROUP who are even interested in the so called PM’S. NOBODY outside of this small group of weirdos is the least bit interested in them. Not law enforcement, not the press, NOBODY.

    The people pushing this issue are nothing but a bunch of crackpots with diminished mental capacity that have not real lives.

    Since Princess is unable to write a blog about anything BUT ME, she has to result to this STALKING. The others follow her because they get no influence or attention in their real lives.

    My advice to you DOUCHE is to get a grip and get a life.


  • douche says:

    William it was not Renzo that contacted you, i can assure you. As i said before i have actually spoken with him in regards to this and he has no idea what you are talking about. Also he would never contact anyone via a cell phone, he uses skype only to protect his own privacy.

    Everyone knows who was on the other side of those private messages, but the words you said were your own and unaltered. As stated in your own blog from january “Now, at first read, the Pm’s are in bad taste and there may be SOME things that were said by me in there that in hindsight should not have been said.

    Fine, but there are a few FACTS that have to be taken into account. This is interesting considering where I am at while writing this particular article.”

    You my friend need the life and a job. The rest of us had our fun, sat and watched and moved on with our lives. We go to work every day and take care of our families, those of us that have family. What do you do? This. This and only this to this very day this is your shining accomplishment. Deluded lies.

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