I have been getting comments by a piece of work who calls him/herself DOUCHE. This is probably the most accurate usernames that someone could give to themselves. It is dead on.

Now on to the matter at hand. This person claims that Renzolovescake of 4chan fame did not call me and spend the better part of an hour talking to me last night along with Crystal, whoever the hell she is and some third person who kept droning on with some nonsense while Renzo and I had this little conversation.

This piece of work has called me almost DAILY since September 2008 with the demand that I COMMIT SUICIDE ON CAM.

Douche in TWO comments has insisted that this call did not take place. Now how would this person know that, I wonder? And how does this person know about any relationship between Princess and Renzo. Another question is that if Renzo and Princess hate each other then WHY did he get favorable mention in her now defunct ( she uses the delete option quite frequently)

Now, Douche makes the threat that if I do not go into a teleconference with someone he/she claims is Renzolovescake, then the same tired old recording  (edited heavily) will again be released on all kinds of blogs and other websites.

THAT IS CALLED BLACKMAIL, by the way. Remember the David Letterman case? These are the kind of people who are STALKING a WIDOWED, BROKE, 60 YEAR OLD WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CRIMINAL RECORD OF ANY KIND.

Despite PRESS RELEASES and the constant badgering to law enforcement by these STALKERS, NOT ONE THING has come of their actions then the smearing of an INNOCENT law abiding citizen.

NONE of THEM have addressed the misuse of public hot lines meant to help those who need it and the other documented acts this group caused.

DOUCHE DID NOT mention the ANONYMOUS streams in my chat room that was the start of this nonsense. The “we are anonymous” audio that was played, the constant spamming of my room. The Soundboard recordings. People pretending to be reporters wanting an interview with me, the woman who wanted to go on a cruise and lecture (making money off a dead child ) about the case for a fee and then turned on me when I sent her packing.

DOUCHE did not mention the FOUR phone calls made by the strange woman to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office where she LIED about me and drove the poor dispatcher crazy with her oddball calls. This SAME woman then bitched to high heaven when the OFFICIAL LAKE COUNTY RECORDINGS OF THE CALLS were placed on youtube and elsewhere. Seems rather one sided that her content can be left OFF the internet and the lies about me are allowed to REMAIN. Proves that she is ashamed of her self for her conduct.

DOUCHE leaves out the phone call to my BROTHER that was also played over the internet in violation of NC law.

DOUCHE again sidesteps the XTRANORMAL videos, the PORN on the blogger site, the CHILD PORN link on LP’s website,  and so on.

DOUCHE AND THE DINGBATS complain about me yet ignore THEIR actions. Once again they are beating a dead horse over a non issue. The PM’s at their worst if even genuine, which they are NOT are nothing more than bad taste, NOBODY in the alleged conversations can be prosecuted for their content. Not Renzo, Not Monoxide and certainly not ME.

Princess and her fellow dingbats have FAILED in their so called true crime blogs so they resort to stalking me and those they have issues with. They even resort to spamming local media chat sites with THEIR drama.

I make yet again the same challenge. TAKE THE MATERIAL ABOUT ME OFF THE INTERNET and see how fast this all comes to a stop.

They will NOT take this challenge. They are cowards who stalk because they do not have a real life and crave the drama. The latest comments from DOUCHE prove my point yet again.



  • KariSueBee says:

    What a coward Douche is, hiding behind a fake nick name. Come out of the shadows Douche and speak your so called truth, so that we can better judge your credibility. All of us have no doubt already seen you at one time or another while you used a number of other nick names on the internet to stalk, harass and disrupt the internet lives of so many, as well as try to disrupt & ruin the real lives of so many. Why are you so scared when you are on the side of the perpetrators in this whole ordeal?

    Douche claims that “everybody” knows who was on the other side of those infamous PMs with you Murt, I don’t know. Douche, do you have the courage/balls to reveal right here and now who STDBDOP0102 really is? Come on Douche, don’t be a Douche!

  • anonymous says:

    I think douchbag is getting a little nervous because her friends are all turning on her. All the douchettes are now coming out of the closet and exposing her and telling all her secrets. I’m telling you again Murt, you need to write a book.

  • Kari, a DOUCHE IS A DOUCHE IS A DOUCHE. Douche makes the claim that “everyone” knows about the so called conversations. This was a one on one PRIVATE conversation between me and an unknown individual. Again DOUCHE does NOT go into how he/she knows all these facts and why these facts have not come out over these last three years along with the PROOF of his/her claims.

    People can say anything they want but without specific irrefutable PROOF their claims are nothing but wasted bandwidth.


  • Anonymous:
    Well, at least DOUCHE admits to being a DOUCHE. There over 300 million people in this country alone not counting the rest of the world and countless millions on the internet. Out of all those people out there, this group of Beaconhell DOUCHES pick on a widowed, broke 60 year old truck driver with what has to be the smallest blog/stream site out there.

    What fools the DOUCHES are.


  • douche says:

    Please explain why you keep lumping me in with situations that I really don’t care about? Why would i mention the things you posted above? They have nothing to do with me or anyone I hang out with. But what does is the fact that you claimed Renzo came and confessed to you, which he did not do.
    All of the other stuff you wrote about? Not my problem and i couldn’t care less about any of it. No one threatened you to have a conversation, in fact i made no threats at all! Not even thinly veiled, or idle. I simply said stop telling people things that did not happen. Renzo did not call you and have this big heart to heart cell phone conversation with you, if someone did it wasn’t him. You of all people should know better than to fall for a cell phone call. Have you ever seen or heard or Renzo using anything that wasn’t computer generated to contact you? Soundboards, skype, everything is computerized. Calling your cell phone is not something in his nature and you know this.
    Again, don’t pigeon hole me into a group of people that i don’t know. Your issues with other people shouldn’t spill over from person to person simply by posting on your page. I was told that you were claiming to have hashed it out with Renzo, which is the one and only part of this entire blog that i care about. You can continue on your merry way with your battle against whoever. Not everyone needs a “crew”. Your only as good as your weakest link in a group.

  • Well DOUCHE, since you seem to be a brain dead DOUCHE, I have no idea who the hell you are. You come in here with a made up name and e-mail address to defend someone I consider a criminal and a complete asshole. I can gurantee you that if I were ever to meet this jerk in person he would not like the ending.

    Your diatribe about this “not being your problem” is also rather queer since it was you that started this bs. Renzo’s so called confession was not sincere and I know it. He has pulled stunts like this in the past.

    Your comment:
    Have you ever seen or heard or Renzo using anything that wasn’t computer generated to contact you? Soundboards, skype, everything is computerized. Calling your cell phone is not something in his nature and you know

    This comment of yours shows what a complete fool you are. The Judge Judy call was made to my CELLPHONE you idiot. So was the call where he used the comedian. Virtually ALL of his calls have been made to me through Skype and to my cellphone. I have not had a land line for years and when I did drop my land line I ported the number to my cellphone.

    You also did something stupid in your post. In your other comment you made the wise crack about my “conspiracy theories” and then in this post you turn right around and prove that there was a conspiracy to begin with. Facts are facts and yes the group is only as good as their weakest link.

    That is how I am able to get my information. Renzo and his group are nothing but a bunch of immature assholes who have nothing useful to contribute to society. He is a waste of bandwith who would best serve society by ceasing to exist. Since he seems to be big on committing suicide on cam, he should try it himself. He seems to crave attention and that would certainly do it for him.

    Regarding the soundboard calls: Not everyone is an expert when it comes to these things. If done properly the victim thinks he is talking to a real person. Since I do not follow that nonsensical show, I had no idea it was a rip off of Judge Judy. I thought it was some drunk ass of a woman from NYC who decided to be an asshole.

    Since RENZO was the asshole behind the call, I was close in that. He is certainly a girlyman.

    I find it interesting that you have sent all of these comments. You seem to be on a mission to deny that Renzo made the call. This is rather odd. He did make the call. You need to stop this act of yours and move on yourself.

    All I am is a 60 year old widowed truck driver with a hobby that has been victimized by a criminal. Rather than admit to that and move on, you keep making a fool out of yourself with these stupid comments of yours.

    At least THIS time you stuck your foot in it and admitted that everything I have claimed about this group is TRUE.

    Smooth move.


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