William it was not Renzo that contacted you, i can assure you. As i said before i have actually spoken with him in regards to this and he has no idea what you are talking about. Also he would never contact anyone via a cell phone, he uses skype only to protect his own privacy.

This nitwit needs to work on his/her reading skills. Renzo calls my CELL using SKYPE. Easy enough to do. It costs roughly 25.00 a year to do that. I have an account.

Everyone knows who was on the other side of those private messages, but the words you said were your own and unaltered. As stated in your own blog from january “Now, at first read, the Pm’s are in bad taste and there may be SOME things that were said by me in there that in hindsight should not have been said.

SOME things, DOUCHE not ALL things. The pm’s NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED! IT IS  A PRIVATE CONVERSATION, remember. Imagine what would happen if ALL private conversations were published. I have a number of gems that would make for interesting reading if I were to release them.

Fine, but there are a few FACTS that have to be taken into account. This is interesting considering where I am at while writing this particular article.”

And where is this “interesting place” you are at. Are you typing this while at WORK? Goofing off on your employer’s time? Tisk tisk. Or are you in JAIL which is more likely?

You my friend need the life and a job.

Umm, what kind of rock have you been living on. It is rather hard to get a job in this economy, which is the worst since the great depression. It is also hard for me, a 60 year old with the content that has been placed on the internet about me to get a better paying job  then I DO have when employers are now checking the internet as part of their screening.

It is hard DOUCHE, to get a job when someone calls your load broker and threaten to BURN THE PLACE TO THE GROUND if they do not FIRE ME. Answer that one DOUCHE.

The rest of us had our fun, sat and watched and moved on with our lives.

Oh really. Do you want to check the time stamp of your THREE comments to me? Do you realize YOU are the one who READ THIS BLOG AND RESPONDED TO IT. It is YOU who are ranting about something that happened THREE YEARS AGO! Moving on, not hardly. More like STALKING.

We go to work every day and take care of our families, those of us that have family.

I feel sorry for the family who has such a DOUCHE in their midst.

What do you do?

I try and live my life and deal with problems created by DOUCHES like YOU. It is not ME that started this it was KFCFAN, PRINCESS and the other DOUCHES out there who stalk me.

This. This and only this to this very day this is your shining accomplishment.

What makes it your business what I do or not do with my life. Are you some kind of social policeDOUCHE. Is society required to do YOUR bidding. What makes YOU so important?

Deluded lies.

Yes, deluded lies, by you and your fellow DOUCHES.



  • KariSueBee says:

    Murt you are VERY impressive today in your replies to the Douches that have somehow found the time out of their very busy and rewarding lives to come here and comment (I mean rant) on your wee lil blog.

    Very impressive indeed Murt!

  • Well, they seem to be able to find the time to pick on poor little ol me. What a sad, sick little batch of Douches.

  • douche says:

    Fine, but there are a few FACTS that have to be taken into account. This is interesting considering where I am at while writing this particular article.” <<<<<< Is not my writing. This is a portion of the previous copy and paste from your January blog article. In case you hadn't bothered to go back and read your own article, i am here to inform you that those words are yours and were clearly attached to previously posted transfer in a comment i had made.

    And skype and cell phones do not work well together, they never really have. Skype runs by internet connection and DSL, which telephones now also do. You can call a computer from a phone, and a phone from a computer that is connected to a land connection. Not LAN, land. As in land line. When skype tries to call a cellular device transmitting through air waves it doesn't work that well. Most calls never connect, get dropped quickly, or you can't hear a thing.

    You really need to stop making everything a conspiracy theory. I have nothing to gain "watching you go down". Not a goal of mine in life. The Lulz were fun, but they were years ago. Moving on with life is much easier when you allow yourself to stop dwelling in the past.

  • Douche:
    You are really being a Douche and proving you are. If you were copying and pasting an article of mine you did a piss poor job of it since you did not cite it was a quote of mine.

    Second. Skype calling cellphones works perfectly fine as I can attest to since he calls me almost daily with his nonsense. The calls will drop without notice as this is usually what ends our calls. He will ramble on until the call disconnects or until I get bored with him and hang up. He rarely calls back.

    I use skype in a similar fashion and they have improved their quality over the year and it has become more stable. It is one of several VOIP services and there is big money behind these companies to get it right. Thus your attempt to come across as some kind of expert on VOIP only made you look like a complete ass.

    The LULZ may have been fun for you, but they certainly were not fun for me. I have lost everything I have worked for since 1969 because of the lies and stunts this group pulled on me. You are too caught up with yourself in your little world to understand how the LULZ you enjoy comes at the expense of others.

    It is convenient for you to sit there and give your advice when it is not you that has gone through all of this. Enjoy your life as at least you have one to look forward to.

    For me all I get to look forward to is the day when my life finally ends.


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