Douche seemed to think that by throwing out all kinds of techno babble regarding Skype and how it works, that he/she knows all about this service and companies that offer similar services and that RENZO did not make the call to my cellphone.

The ignorance of Douche should be obvious to anyone that has used Skype, Vonnage or any other VOIP provider.

Now for those of you who do not know what VOIP is here is a brief overview.

VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. It refers to any service that provides a means to make phone calls too and from a computer using the internet. Vonnage and now Skype are best known for providing this service as well as most cable and yes, telephone companies.

The key to this is BROADBAND, which is high speed internet. Using an internet connection to make a telephone call as well as multimedia streams takes up a lot of bandwidth. Multimedia transmission is the gas hog of the internet. That is why providers will cap limits on wireless data and so on.

What DOUCHE does NOT know is that the internet is nothing more than a separate telecommunications system that was started as a government project. Over the years innovations were made where most standard dial up connections actually tapped into the internet when linking phone calls of the kind we all are used to over the decades. In short, this meant you were on the internet at one time or another any time you made a phone call. Most commonly long distance calls were linked to the internet grid in the same manner one would leave a local road and get on the internet. This is one reason for the term “internet superhighway.”

As the cost of high speed internet came down and the cost of equipment needed to do so decreased, the companies developed ways for ordinary people to take advantage of services that used to be reserved for government and commercial customers.

Out of all of this came companies like Vonnage and Skype who took advantage of this new capability. As time went on the cable companies jumped on the bandwagon since Skype and Vonnage customers usually were accessing the internet through either cable or phone company high speed internet anyway. It was their way of doing away with the “middle man.”

Now Douche came up with the nonsense regarding Skype having problems with cellphones. The song and dance that he/she used provided a lot of laughs to my friends who are experts in this field.

What DOUCHE does not comprehend is that people are dropping their land lines in record numbers. It is fast approaching the point where the majority of people will not have land lines at all. Most calls will be by cellphone.

Now, how does someone from Skype call a cellphone. It is simple, really. You have to pay Skype or any other VOIP to do this. It is rather cheap and the quality of the calls are improving daily. You dial out the same as any phone call. The call is then routed to a PORTAL. This is an access point where the call leaves the internet and enters the routing system for linking to the cellphone provider of the person you are trying to call. This used to be the way, in reverse, one would access the internet through the old dial up system.

The call goes through this process of going from the internet to the portal and on to the cell number in much the same way as any regular call would. A Skype call does not distinguish between a land line phone and a cell. If you have a Skype or VOIP service that allows you to call to a regular phone number, give it a try. It will show you what a fool DOUCHE is.

One interesting thing that I did to was to have my cellphone number as my Skype number. This means I can call someone by skype and my cell number will show up on their caller id.

The point of this article is to remind those of you on the outside that if you see a post by someone throwing around all sorts of fancy techno terminology and acting like an expert, they usually do not know what they are talking about.

As for DOUCHE, before you start talking about telecommunications with me, you had better do your homework. You have no idea what my background in this area is.

Believe me, I know far more about this technology then you realize.


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