The problem with being human is that humans make mistakes. There are some out there that cannot grasp that people do make mistakes. I have made my share of them and those who have criticized me have made their share of them as well.


What these critics do not seem to understand is that their mistakes are as bad if not worse then those I may or may not have made.

There seems to be this trend when debating the nuances in certain high profile cases to impune, humiliate and disgrace anyone who has differing viewpoints on the various topics arising out of the cases being followed.

Rather than debate the issues on merit, the parties engage on a course of barging into the personal lives of the participants of the debates in an attempt to either punish them for their points of view or intimidate them into not participating in the conversations in progress.

This trend, if not abated, will lead to an audience of robots who will watch, read and listen but will not speak. The internet will turn into nothing more than an extension of passive viewing reading and listening. The art of conversation will fade into a state of apathy.

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  • Adams’ Address and Minutes of the Argument1
    Supreme Court of Probate, February 1768

    “Besides no Man can tell this Witness’s meaning by Frame of Mind. He does not tell Us what Frame of Mind a Man ought to be in in his Judgment and Opinion when he makes his Will. He does [i.e. does not] say that he ever heard him speak a silly or an idle Word, or do a wild or inconsiderate Action. He don’t so much as say that he ever perceived him Unsound in his Mind, deficient in his Memory or weak in his Understanding, but not in a suitable Frame of Mind to make a Will. And I suppose his Meaning was really this. This Word Frame is a technical Term among the Visionaries and Enthusiasts in the Country and signifies the moral and religious state of the soul, rather than the Conduct of the Understanding, the Government of the Passions and Appetites, rather than the command of the intellectual Faculties.”

    One must not think when expressing themselves, for others are thinking that this person is thinking, and of course if the person wasn’t thinking, they must be thinking because those who have decided they know what this person was thinking, even if they were not thinking, because this person thought they were not thinking therefore it was already decided they must be thinking.

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