Trica Griffith, owner of has been accused by Michelle Lynn McKee of giving the personal information of Alexandra H Goddard to the owner of this blog around the time Alexandra H Goddard started stalking my multimedia streams.



This, of course, is not true, since Alexandra H Goddard has stated on a number of occasions that she believes it was a person she called “Aunt Crazy” from DeKalb County, Illinois.

The fact of the matter is that Alexandra H Goddard provided her information herself when she wrote about the problems she had with her family in Illinois in the now defunct blog

In that defunct blog, Alexandra H Goddard wrote an autobiography of her self. Goddard wrote extensively about the accusations she had made against her family members that included income tax fraud, the use of under aged employees in the operation of machinery as well as being the power of attorney for a convicted felon serving time in an Illinois state prison for check fraud.

Since Michelle McKee has been a personal friend of Alexandra H Goddard for quite a number of years, I am a bit confused that she was not aware of of and the contents within.

I suppose that one of the four readers of this blog might want to contact MS. Griffith and ask for her side of the story.

Stay tuned



  • Guest says:

    One look at her TL will show her obsession with you. She ends the day with you on her mind and begins it with you on her mind.

    The other night, Michelle admitted she was having a mini meltdown on Twitter. If she and Prinnie are such good friends, why doesn’t Prinnie encourage Michelle to get offline and seek help?

    Is it more important for Michelle to live online to protect Prinnie’s interests?

  • Guest says:

    Is this your current email address?

  • guest says:

    Author: Alexander Abad-Santos
    What Is Steubenville Still Hiding?

    My question is, could this be “Radio?

    RadioNewz @RadioNewzBlog 12h
    The Atlantic Wire: What Is Steubenville Still Hiding? Posted by Radio
    Radio uses this blog for hit on this particular writer. Is there a connection?

  • Guest says:

    Murt: The link for this didn’t get tweeted. Wonder if Tricia knows what Michelle is accusing her of.

    Michelle is having a busy day – enlisting the help of others because she believes she knows the true identity of aronck.

    Wonder if there was any truth to something she tweeted about DM’s for Steubenville locals possibly being accessed. I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • Guest says:

    Connection between RadioNewzBlog & Prinnie confirmed! Michelle contacting Bullyville to handle judicious now that she thinks she knows who judicious is. Michelle has accused several of being behind that account, how is she so sure this time? Dirty tricks, no doubt!

    Some things were set in motion a long time ago and are playing out nicely 🙂

  • John says:

    i also a victim, Tricia Arrington Griffith has given out my personal information. She lives in Wanship, Utah

  • John says:

    Look what I found:

    It looks like Tricia Arringtoin Griffith hires and calls child pedophiles good friends as well as give out personal information.

  • John says:

    Tricia Arrington Griffith made a blog and posted all my personal information name, address, phone number on the blog she made. When I was made aware of the blog I acted like I was the owner of the blog, could not log in and ran blogger password recovery. Tricia Arrington Griffith had the blog recovery option set to send her a text message. Every single time I entered Tricia Arrington Griffiths phone number Blogger sent reset password text notifications to her phone flawlessly. If the phone number entered to recover the blog Tricia Arrington Griffith made of me was not the phone number registered with bloogger in account > security > recovery options blogger would have rejected the request and returned a invalid phone number message. We know it was a Tricia Arrington Griffith job it is her phone number associated to the account. I have screen shots. I was also able to grab the email associated with the blogger account Tricia Arringtom Griffth made of me and trace it right to her door step in Park City, Utah. is in Park City, Utah but she lives in Wanship, Utah. If any other victims want her phone number, address and everything else I have let me know. Another victim.

  • John says:

    When I traced Tricia Arringfton Griffith I found this web link, linked to her:

    It is also Tricia Arrington Griffiths web site in case none of you knew.

  • Pixie says:

    This is Raine1212, The reason behind this little statement is this. I am sick to death of being accused of being in cahoots with Tricia of Webslueths and involved with her Radio Show. Also, i would like to state I am not involved with Tricia Griffith of Websleuths nor is Tricia involved with my new forum.

    The fact is it was my decision to leave Websleuths. I was not banned or demoted as some claim. The reason I left is personal, however I think it is important to clear up any misconceptions, and have decided to share my reasons with you.

    1. Tricia knew what I was going to say that night on her Radio show, Tricia is the one that threw me under the bus and pretended she did not know.
    Tricia is the one that had me contact Mark Redwine so he would come on her show to begin with. She asked me to work my magic to get Mr. Redwine on her show.

    2. February of this year Tricia needed money, and told me that it was to help with the server fee, and for private bills and such.

    Stupidly I thought we were best friends, Boy was I fooled to find out that I was being used for money and that is how I feel now. Total amount I gave to Tricia was around $3,000.00 or so. I have been promised for 3 weeks I would be receiving a check,I have not. I am supposed to get a check today for what amount I do not know.
    After I left another site I received alot of calls from Tricia asking me have I talked with Sosueme or any one about the money.

    Frustrated and upset over being used and thrown under a bus so she could look good, I finally went to sosueme at Websleuths.. I have been assured that action will be taken, what that is I am not sure, but I do trust that now it will be handled. Sosueme has been wonderful and appreciative and very helpful to me, I do now understand why Tricia only wanted me to contact her about problems when I was a mod, she never wanted any of this to get out. This make total sense now.

    So raine1212 was used by what she thought was a true friend. True Friends do not throw friends under a bus to make themselves look good or get rating for the Radio shows. I have the supporting documents to back up all the money. So believe what you may, but always make sure a true friend is a friend. I also feel that others may be in the same situation as I am. That is another reason I have decided to share this information. I hope that reading this gives others the courage to come forward if they feel they have been taken advantage of in this way.


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